BEST AREAS OF DALLAS – for Dallas New Grads

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One of your goals is interning is to find an area that best fits your lifestyle now.  It’s also great if you are in or at least close by the area(s) that will best fit you for a potential full time employment offer here. So, it’s very very nice to live at least somewhat close by the area you would like to lease or purchase in the future!

Here is a quick list of Dallas housing areas and quick hints on what is popular about each area. And if you would like help in finding moderate cost housing, use the free service for Dallas interns at our sister company, Homebase Services. A free signup is available HERE.  Or Text SEARCH to 31996. 

Dallas Housing AREAS

  • Uptown (Dallas) – the number one singles area in Dallas. RAIL  SINGLES WALK TO $$$
  • Downtown Dallas –  RAIL  SINGLES WALK TO $$$
  • East Dallas – BUS SINGLES WALK TO $$ 
  • Lower Greenville (Dallas)BUS SINGLES WALK TO $$ $$$
  • The Village (Dallas)BUS SINGLES $ $$
  • Park Central (Dallas) – BUS FAMILIES SINGLES $$
  • Addison – BUS SINGLES $$$
  • West Richardson – BUS FAMILIES SCHOOLS $$
  • East Plano – RAIL BUS SINGLES $$
  • Shops at Legacy – BUS SINGLES SCHOOLS WALK TO $$ (this is the 2nd most popular “walk to” area in Dallas and more reasonable than Uptown but also has exceptional schools)



Use this as a general guide for the areas above (there are always exceptions!):
RAIL – This means it is easy to catch the DART RAIL (mentioned previously) from this area which goes to Downtown Dallas
BUS – This indicates it is easy to catch the DART BUS line from this location.
$ – $750 – $900 estimated unfurnished rent for 3 to 6 month apartment (small one bed or studio).
NOTE: Pricing is CONSTANTLY FLUCTAinterns in dallasNG in this area!   Thus, pricing constantly is changing.    
$$ – $901 – $1200 estimated unfurnished rent for 3 to 6 month apartment (small one bed or studio)
$$$ – $1201 and above (small one bed or studio)
WALK TO – Contains a “walk to” environment where you can walk to restaurants, night life, and more.
SINGLES – area is a singles favorite
FAMILIES – area is a favorite for families
SCHOOLS – area has highly rated schools


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