The Taylor Uptown

TAYLOR UPTOWN Apartments – Insider Review


The Taylor Uptown apartments is a newly completed high rise apartment residence in Uptown Dallas. It is a bit tucked away from the main street of Uptown Dallas known as McKinney Avenue, but within very quick walking distance (about 3 minutes). This gives easy access to the many restaurants and night spots in Uptown Dallas.

The area directly around the Taylor Uptown apartments is relatively quiet. It is bordered by Cole Avenue (which runs parallel to McKinney Avenue) on one side, and by the Katy Trail on the other side (across the street from Carlisle). It is surrounded primarily by one or two story office buildings and one additional newly completed apartment, called the Monaco on the Trail.

The area around the Taylor Uptown apartments definitely has more of a neighborhood feel than the higher energy McKinney Avenue. That doesn’t mean it is slow by any stretch in this area. But, it just feels a bit more relaxed. However, as mentioned above, there are quite a bit of activities in very quick walking distance to the Taylor Uptown apartments. So, this forms one of the best locations in Uptown Dallas for being able to walk to much of what Uptown Dallas has to offer, but also to have more quiet at night.

Another enticing benefit of this location: There is a very quick route OUT of Uptown Dallas to avoid the snags that come from being located along McKinney Avenue. Getting out in the mornings if you are located on McKinney Avenue adds 10 or 15 minutes to your commute time. However, with the location of the Taylor Uptown apartments being right by Lemmon Avenue, you can make a much quicker exit and avoid the snags. This means quicker access to the airport, North Dallas or West Plano.

The Taylor Uptown fulfills a strong need in Uptown Dallas! There wasn’t a new high rise that was located in the MIDDLE of Uptown Dallas. Most of the high rises are located nearer to downtown, which can be limiting in terms of providing entertainment to walk to. The Taylor’s location is pretty close to perfect, because it gives you the high rise living, and spectacular views, while being in an area that is quick walking distance to some of the most exciting parts of Uptown Dallas!

People move to Uptown Dallas to take advantage of the amazing social life and lifestyle. As we frequently mention, Uptown Dallas is also about CONVENIENCE…in being able to quickly WALK to as many features of Uptown Dallas as possible. We think that the perfect walk time is 7 minutes or under. So, let’s see how the Taylor Uptown apartments does for getting you close to the 4 Key Features of Uptown Dallas. Here goes:

  • Katy Trail – Being walking distance close to the Katy Trail means a fitter lifestyle and a better social life! Well the news is GREAT here…you are almost directly connected to the Katy Trail. Simply walk across the street to get to one of the few private entrances. You will be on the trail in 3 minutes max.
  • Uptown Trolley – Being close to the FREE Uptown Trolley means is important. Why? Well, the trolley connects you to just about ALL of the key parts of Uptown Dallas, including the 4 key Features. With the Taylor Uptown apartments, you are only about 1 short block away, on Cole and Snead. This means you can walk to the Trolley in under 5 minutes. Now THAT is nice!
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – A well-known “super cluster” of Uptown Dallas night clubs are located together on a walkable part of McKinney Avenue that starts with Boll Street and ends around Holland. This is NOT truly walkable to this section. A trolley ride or drive can get you there quickly.
  • West Village – What’s not to love about the West Village? All sorts of shops, restaurants, and night clubs, with many of the shops being locally or regionally owned. The West Village is the largest concentration of shops and restaurants of Uptown Dallas in one place. And the good news is: The Taylor Uptown apartments IS indeed walking distance to the West Village. Perfection!

Groceries: Another great sign of a terrific location: Being at the Taylor Uptown means you can walk to the Minyard’s on McKinney Avenue. Walgreen’s is right next to it as well. And, to shake it up, you can take a quick drive on Blackburn Street to the KROGER with organic produce. You can also take a quick drive SOUTH on McKinney to then get to Whole Foods.

Overall, this is a SUPERB location for being in Uptown Dallas.

Now, let’s explore the Social Scene of the TAYLOR UPTOWN APARTMENTS.


The social scene of the TAYLOR UPTOWN APARTMENTS still is not fully formed, because the property is still new. However, there are many indications that this is going to be a very high caliber social scene. Here are some of the reasons why:

Restaurants and Clubs Nearby: We have already mentioned the close proximity to the West Village and the Trolley. This location is also within walking distance of some of the more “insider” night clubs of Uptown, like Kung Fu. And, of course there is the Katy Trail across the street!

The Katy Trail. I’d like to tell you how being close to the Katy Trail makes for a great social life! So many people in Uptown now use the Katy Trail. It is super wide and can hold a lot of people. So, it works with biking, walking or even rollerblading. And, many people use it not only after work, but during lunch and other times of the day. It is also semi private, so you can only access it from a few key points of Uptown. And, further, most people know it is also a huge social scene to be on the Katy Trail and so you are running on it with other people like you that want to meet new friends. It is hard to emphasize enough how fun being near this great venue is…just take my word ofr it.

The Amenities: We will explore more fully the amenities in a later section, but the Taylor Uptown apartments goes WAY OVER THE TOP in what they offer to their residents. There are huge rooms and fun spaces all throughout the Taylor, for exercising, playing, meeting guests, having meetings and more. They even have included a 7th floor interior dog park…great if you have a pet and want to meet other pet owners in the building. You have to see it to believe it…

Building Setup: I like how there are main entrances, a common set of elevators and a common mailbox area. That means you are going to be running into a lot of other residents as you go about your normal things at the Taylor Uptown. You have great opportunities all built in to help you meet people.

Weakness: I need to tell you about one weakness, but it won’t last long. The Taylor doesn’t yet have scheduled events to help you meet residents. The building is still relatively new, so I think they are waiting for it to fill up.

To sum it up: The location is superb and the building is made for entertaining. I think the Social Scene will be very brisk here once the building gets full.


If apartments were sports cars, the apartment interior of the Taylor Uptown would be a Lamborghini. No joke! They hit it right on ALL cylinders on their interiors.

First of all, they get it right on the FLOORPLANS. If you want to live here and enjoy the amazing lifestyle, but not pay anywhere close to the median price, they offer a smaller studio unit that is in a very moderate price range. They also offer standard one and two bedroom floorplans, along with even THREE BEDROOMS. I like the three bedroom options, because they include choices that have 3 baths (perfect for roommates). However, even their three bedroom two bath is terrific, because it includes a bath that is equally shared by each room, creating a truly workable solution for 3 roommates. I haven’t seen this design in anything else in Uptown, so kudos on the innovation, Taylor!

Then, they get it right on the MUST HAVES to. Here are just some of the great positives about the Taylor Uptown apartments:

  • Dark, thick hardwood floors – the floors here belong in a custom home…but so glad they are here instead! They are thick and have that HAND SCRAPED style with the grooves in them. These are very attractive, and also perfect for if you need to skip a cleaning or two…they hide dirt well. J
  • Gorgeous Kitchens – They get it right with everything in their kitchens. The granite countertops are stunning. I loved the island with room for several chairs. But, also, they took time to include the more intricate details, like the higher quality stainless steel sink and the premium modern faucets.
  • Sound system throughout – The Taylor Uptown apartment includes the ability to quickly make your apartment come alive via your phone with the custom built in speakers throughout.
  • Built in desk – the built in desk on the other side of the kitchen saves space and makes for a perfect area for working.
  • Cabinets and lots of space for storage – On all sides of the kitchen there are cabinets and drawers everywhere. Plenty of room for storage…more than some homes I know!
  • Beautiful appliances – including the large double sized, stainless steel fridge.
  • Washer/Dryer included: A washer/dryer is included at no cost.
  • Patio/Balconies included: Most of the units have balconies to enjoy the view with the exception of the studio units.
  • Views of Downtown, Uptown and the Katy Trail – This is a high rise…so you have some terrific views of the areas that you want to see. Unlike other parts of Uptown, there are no other high rises right next to you…so you have unhindered views to areas like Downtown, etc.
  • I could go on and on. – Seriously. Make sure and take a look at the pictures in our Real View Galleries to see more for your eyes to enjoy.

Usually, in this section, I write about things that are missing. This is going to be a short section! The Taylor Uptown really has just about everything well covered. But, here is one thing that they could improve on:

  • No walk in showers – The apartments have standard type of shower/bath units (where you must buy shower rings and a shower curtain, etc.). None of the units have the newer walk in showers that are more convenient.

That’s truly it. That is all I could see that I wasn’t delighted with.

With the apartment interior at the Taylor Uptown, you have what might be the closest thing to perfect in Uptown.


The amenities are spectacular. At other apartments in the area, amenities are often skimped on…or you get this feeling that the builder had some great IDEAS on what they wanted to do, but didn’t know how to carry it out…or ran out of money when they tried to carry it out! Not with the Taylor Uptown apartments, truly.

The Taylor Uptown seems to spare no expense in their amenities. They also put in a lot of thought and came up with some soaring and innovative designs to spend their money on. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Lobby/Welcoming Area – this is not a feature that I normally notice or care about. But, the area is so HUGE and wonderful to look at. It would remind you of a very high end boutique hotel in San Diego, with plenty of light and innovative design.
  • The ALCOVE – The Taylor Uptown apartments puts together a most intimate and cozy settings for enjoying a time with a small group or couple. They call it the ALCOVE. It is not a huge room with no privacy, but instead it has winding, curved and smaller areas with plenty of seating to enjoy coffee and conversation.
  • STUDY – Even the study is innovative! It has all glass walls, and has a huge conference table. This would be great to rent out for an afternoon conference for work, and then walk to some fun entertainment right after work.
  • LEED CERTIFIED – LEED certification is very hard to obtain and much wanted. Only a handful of apartment residences are LEED certified. It basically means that the building is extremely energy efficient and also green conscious for the environment. It also means no smoking!
  • GAMEROOM – They call it the gameroom and it is beautiful. It currently contains the best pool table I have ever seen. This space is ready for an epic round of pool. But, no cigars, because the building is LEED certified!
  • Parking Garage INCLUDED – Indeed, parking in the garage is included, no charge.
  • VISITOR PARKING…INCLUDED – The entire first level of the parking garage underground is only for visitors.
  • Controlled Access – Hallways and elevators require an electronic key fob access to enter or exit. They are also climate controlled, for a more pleasant experience (and this also saves on utility bills).
  • Pet Park – On the 7th floor there is an INTERNAL pet park. Very convenient!

There are not many weaknesses. Here is what I mean:

  • GYM needs a bit more of equipment – The room provided for the gym is generous. So, no complaints there. The only complaint has to do with the amount of equipment. There are a few treadmills and some dumbbell sets, but not much else.

Room does not permit the space to put all of the fantastic touches on the amenities. Definitely see our galleries for more information.

Overall: Amenities are stellar, and are the best available in an Uptown Dallas apartment.


The Taylor Uptown Apartments provides an upscale, social and imaginative experience in Uptown Dallas living. The location is in quick walking access to many key features of Uptown, including super quick Katy Trail access. Popular restaurants and night spots are also within walking distance. The residences are striking and have custom home style interiors. The Amenities are over the top. This is a high rise with a lot of character and style. Go check out this superior option.