Uptown Dallas Apartments | Comprehensive Reviews

Uptown Dallas Apartments | Comprehensive Reviews

Hello and welcome to Uptown Dallas!

We strive to be your expert source of information for Uptown apartments by making sure you have the most information available to make a decision.

To do that, we take our time and gather a lot of information about each apartment in Uptown in a way that only someone who lives here can do.

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Our Apartment Rating


We believe that you can only judge an Uptown Dallas apartment by getting the entire picture of what life is like at an apartment, not just looking at floorplans or pricing.

We also think that it is important to rate things objectively.
So, we have developed a comprehensive and unique rating system to fairly rate each apartment in Uptown Dallas. Our rating system uses over over 150 factors.

These 150 factors fall into the following 4 categories:

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Uptown Dallas actually has several divisions of neighborhoods and key features. We examine the immediate area that the apartment is located in and ask questions like:
  • What key features of Uptown is this apartment close to?
  • What can you walk to?
We examine the interior features of each Uptown Dallas apartment, asking questions like:
  • How does the apartment look and feel on the inside?
  • What features are included?
  • Are they updated apartments?
  • How do they use space?
We examine what extras are located in the Uptown Dallas apartment and how they serve clients, such as:
  • Gym
  • Parking Garage
  • Dog Friendly Features

Uptown is very social. That is one of the main reasons people love the Uptown Dallas area!  So, we find out many things about how the Uptown Dallas apartment will help you meet people (some obvious, some not), such as:

  • Parties for Residents
  • Building Features that make it easier to meet people

We determine the answers to our questions and then provide a rating in each of these key categories. Finally, all 4 categories are pulled together to give an overall rating. You can search our site by rating category and the 4 category breakdown is available in each apartment review.


You can’t obtain the type of information we need by websites. They take live visits by our staff.  We ask questions face to face with leasing agents and take lengthy tours of each residence on our site, taking careful notes.  We combine all of the above with feedback from years of working with Uptown Dallas apartments and knowing their strengths and weaknesses. All of these then form the basis of the ratings and the detailed articles that we write about each place.


We continue to monitor properties and provide feedback on each Uptown Dallas apartment


To give you even more additional information, we also provide a quick link to the 3 key third party sites that have additional reviews from residents.  Sometimes the information is not reliable, but we believe that having all of the information you can will help you, so we provide these links to you in each property review, for your quick convenience.


Our goal in doing all of this is to give you as objective and thorough picture of life at each Uptown Dallas apartment as is possible. Reach out to us to get more thoughts on any particular apartment, because we have more details to share in every case…there just isn’t room enough to share all we collect.

And, welcome to Uptown!


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