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A big Texas HELLO from Uptown Dallas!!  And SPOILER Alert: You are going to LOVE Uptown! 🙂  It’s the perfect area for the next part of your life here in Texas! It’s SO FUN and full of great things to do seven days a week.  It’s also specifically designed so you can easily meet LOTS of other professionals like you. And the best part? It’s SOOO easy to get around here with Uptown Trolley or the Katy Trail to so many great attractions.

We help professionals like you find the perfect Uptown Dallas apartment (and life!) with our 100% Free service When you start your apartment search, you will soon find that Uptown Dallas and the nearby areas have literally HUNDREDS of apartments to choose from. That’s a lot to compare and can be stressful! And if you are like most professionals we help, you don’t have hours and hours of time to waste.  Plus, there are a lot of key features of Uptown that will make your experience much better if you can live by them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an Uptown Dallas friend – who’s lived in the area for 12 years – that could give you advice about which places to check out – and which to AVOID?    🙂

GOOD NEWS: You’ve got that Uptown Dallas Friend Now – US!  We can’t wait to help you get to know Uptown and find your Perfect Uptown Dallas apartment.  We listen to you first to figure out what makes a perfect Uptown Dallas Apartment for you.  Then we get to work and locate the perfect set of apartments for you to consider in a very short period of time. Then we set up tours for you to see that perfect set! We do all the work! And you relax and have fun picking your perfect place!

How does our service work? Well it’s 100% Free to you. We get paid a marketing commission by properties. That commission has literally zero affect on any rent you would pay. Properties have already built that marketing into their budget. So, this is truly a Win Win! 🙂

Let’s find your perfect Uptown place – here’s how to get started!  Your search just got easy!  Jump on a 10 minute call with us anytime and start to get to know the area. Or start a free search here.  Or read some of the insider articles on this site, there are a LOT of them!  This is going to be so fun and we can’t wait to help you! – The Uptown101 Team




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We know you need a Perfect Uptown Dallas Apartment – THE BEST! So when you reach out to us, we will make finding your Perfect Apartment RIDICULOUSLY EASY and FUN!  And your stress will be GONE! We will do all of the work so you can relax as we find your perfect place here.  Here’s how our 100% Free service  works: 

Here is how we take
care of you:

Searching 100s of apartments gets confusing and can cause a lot of stress. And then knowing which apartments are well managed and which aren’t…that is also tough to quickly evaluate. BUT,  once we start your 100% free search with us, you can Say GOODBYE to ALL of That Stress and Relax…because we got this!  It will be hello beautiful apartment and goodbye stress!
Searching through 100s of Uptown area apartments here is a BEATING! And there are places that look great on a website, but when you visit in person...well, NOT SO MUCH!  And then prices change every day! Why spend hour after hour on that?  NO NEED, you got us now!!

We also take care of scheduling your apartment tours…no need to get on calls that may take forever with each apartment building. We handle all of that so you can RELAX! 🙂

Hey, you’ve got a friend in Uptown Dallas now!!  We’ve been hanging around Uptown for 10+ years and we will share with you the best…and what to avoid!  We can tell you what attractions you might want to live nearby (like the Katy Trail!) or if your apartment is walking distance to the  free Uptown Trolley  Or if the apartment you are considering is well managed or Not So Much! We treat you like a real friend would, thinking of you and putting you first, so you can have an amazing Uptown Dallas experience!

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Use some of our Uptown Dallas insider knowledge to start finding out more about the areas of Uptown such as the West Village, Victory Park and more. Click on the area boxes below and get GREAT knowledge about each area! 

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