Reward Details

Reward Details

Claim Your Referral Reward 

Thank you for using our local Uptown service. We are delighted to send you a $100 FREE VENMO to your Account for referring to us when you apply for your residence.  Please fill out THIS FORM to apply for your free $100 sent to your Venmo. How does this work?

Basically, we receive a fee for advertising a property when our advertisement results in a lease. When we receive a report of someone signing a lease at any property and referring to Uptown101 on their application, we then collect a fee from the property. We share this fee with you.
This is how you claim your reward:

FIND: Search and Find your Uptown Dallas apartment on this site.  Use the leasing contact we provide to get immediate pricing and availability. OR simply let us know your needs.  We will take care of getting you information promptly and get you details back quickly.

INFORM: Inform the apartment that Uptown101 is how you found out about them, both on the GUEST CARD and on the LEASING APPLICATION, when you apply for the apartment. There is a section on the LEASING APPLICATION that says “How did you hear about us” on the right hand side of the application. Please mention Uptown101 in that section.

CLAIM: Claim your referral reward by submitting your information here.

Once you have submitted your Referral Reward Form and moved into your apartment, here is when you will receive your reward:  
  • As soon as your apartment property pays us, we pay you. Apartments will typically pay us about 30-120 days after you’ve moved in.
  • The faster you submit your form, the faster we can send you your reward.

Rules for receiving a referral:

  • Your name must appear as the main lease holder on the apartment unit you are moving into AND on your leasing application.
  • Only one person occupying your apartment is eligible to claim the reward for a single apartment lease. For example, if you have a roommate, please decide which person should claim the single reward.
  • You must submit your reward form either before you move in or within 1 month after you have moved in. Rewards forms submitted after 1 month of move-in are not eligible for the reward.
  • You are kindly requested to submit a review to Yelp – uptown101 about the service you received.
  • The property must be one that we referred to you or that is in our database of referrals.

If these things occur, we can NOT send you a referral reward:

  • You already live at the apartment and are renewing your lease.
  • You already have a relationship with this property or your new lease is at a property that is from the same management company.
  • If you do not move into your apartment and stay atleast 90 days. In that case we will require you to return the card we sent.
  • Only one card per apartment is allowed. Roommates can not claim multiple cards for the same apartment .
  • You are an employee of the property that you are leasing at.
  • On your lease, if you listed any other source as your referral to the property other than Uptown101.
  • If you have a roommate, they listed another source other than Uptown101 on your leasing application or lease.
  • You have not fulfilled your lease commitment or you have not made timely rent payments.
  • Your lease term is for less than 12 months.
  • You did not follow the instructions in the THIS IS IMPORTANT section directly above.

If you have any other questions with regard to receiving your reward, please reach out to us and we will respond shortly. Thank you! 


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