Hello and welcome to Uptown Dallas! Are you a college senior moving to Dallas? Or, are you an out of state professional that wants experience a true “walk to everything” environment like NYC?  Would you like to live in a place that makes life easy, and with so many opportunities to make new friends and connections with other recent graduates and professionals?

I’ve helped my amazing clients find their perfect apartment in Uptown Dallas for over 8 years. It’s important to me for my clients to get the most out of their Uptown Dallas experience. So, I am writing this 2 minute guide to give you the “insider” viewpoint on the best way to find  Uptown Dallas Apartments in this area.   So, let’s begin with these easy steps to help you!

Uptown Dallas Apartments – Key Steps to Your Search

1. Begin your search EARLY: You might be used to finding last minute deals in other areas of your life. But, here in Uptown Dallas, it pays to begin your search early.  And by early, I mean up to 6 to 12 months in advance!  Why?  Because if you start early, you SAVE MONEY ON RENT. That can translate into 10 or even up to 20 percent lower rent! More on that in a bit.

2. Focus on Uptown Dallas Apartments that are TRULY in Uptown Dallas: Uptown Dallas isn’t the cheapest place to live. But, if you focus on the true border of Uptown Dallas, and limit your search to there…that is where you find the best walkability.  And, that’s where you find the most people to EASILY connect to!  Sometimes people are on a budget or just want to save money, so they try to live within 10 or even 5 minutes of Uptown and still get the benefit of Uptown Dallas. It just doesn’t work that way and you lose all of the benefit of WALKING and MEETING people! It’s better to instead start your Uptown Dallas Apartments search early and save money instead!

3. Focus on Being in Walking Distance to the 4 Key Uptown Dallas Attractions: The key things to walk to in Uptown Dallas are:  McKinney Avenue Restaurant/Night Life Scene.  You aren’t going to be able to be in walking distance to all of these things.  However, if you locate in the northern part of Uptown Dallas, in the WEST VILLAGE DALLAS area, you will be able to walk to 3 of these, and then take the free Trolley to the 4th (McKinney Avenue Night Life)!

4.  Focus on Uptown Dallas Apartments that make it Easy to Meet People:  Uptown Dallas in general is social. But, some of the apartments are simply better at helping you meet other people. Not just meeting other residents, but also meeting others in Uptown.  One of the best things to do is to go and meet

5. Pick Your Favorites at Least 4 months in advance of your Move in Date: Yes, you heard right…4 months (or more!).  What’s the reason? Well, in Uptown Dallas, most of the Uptown Dallas Apartments have 60 – 90 day notices for residents to either renew or vacate. So, residents start giving notices on the 90 day point. But, some people may need to transfer or leave town, so they will give even more notice. I always advise my clients to have their 4 or so favorites picked out in advance…and then they pick up the sweet deals that are only available to the “early bird”!

Well, that was quick! But, I hope you enjoy this guide. If you follow it, you will find an amazing Uptown Dallas lifestyle and your Uptown Dallas apartments search will be fruitful, easy and rewarding.  See you in Uptown!

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