AT&T Dallas Apartments – Why AT&T College Grads Love Uptown Dallas

Have you graduated from college and starting your career with AT&T Dallas?  Congratulations!  You are going to be working with a terrific company, in a terrific city. Dallas TX has become one of the top 3 destinations for relocation in the entire United States. People are moving en mass to Texas, and they love choosing Dallas!  And AT&T Dallas is a major employer, and is continuing to grow.

The AT&T Dallas downtown offices are on AKARD, in the heart of Downtown Dallas.  They have 2 main buildings there and you will most likely be based in one of those buildings. The buildings are “skyscrapers”, with a suburban feel.  The area itself has plenty of choices for enjoying lunch and also has many events nearby, such as the American Airlines center (home of the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and many concerts). Downtown Dallas also has a large ARTS district that is within walking distance of the AT&T buildings.

Your career is going to be challenging, but with many opportunities.  You will often work long hours and if you are like most new hires, you will value CONVENIENCE…making your life as easy as possible so that you can learn your new position and progress quickly in your career.

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Work Life Balance is CRITICAL

While your work life is very important, you need to balance it out with having a good social life.  Many new professionals at AT&T Dallas realize this and take some very positive steps to make this happen.  One of the best ways to help with this is to have your residence in a location that is convenient to work and also helps you make friends with people like you.
Choosing the right place to live can actually have an impact on your work performance.
Think about it. Wouldn’t it be smarter to live SUPER close to the AT&T Dallas office, in a centralized location with easy access to everything you need to live, work and socialize? And, even the ability to walk to all that you need, without the use of your car at all?  I’m about to tell you how you can accomplish it…but the short answer is: Live In Uptown Dallas.

Uptown Dallas vs. Downtown Dallas for AT&T Dallas

Our Downtown Dallas is thriving with many large corporations.  It is truly bustling during the day and has many attractions, such as the American Airlines Center, the Dallas ARTS District and more.  The only problem? At night, most people don’t hang around Downtown Dallas. They socialize elsewhere…most of them in do that in UPTOWN.

Other cities like Chicago, NYC and San Francisco have their young professionals working and living and playing in their downtowns.  But, Dallas Downtown just doesn’t have that…yet.  It’s not a safety issue…Downtown Dallas for the most part is safe.  And, there ARE some apartments in downtown Dallas…but it’s just not established as the place to be for professionals…instead, Uptown Dallas is.
Unfortunately, at night, Downtown Dallas is just not very active. The streets are pretty empty, and the weekends are even more noticeable in their lack of activity. Everyone is in Uptown Dallas instead!

Also, Downtown Dallas is like many other downtowns…it’s a concrete jungle. It’s full of skyscrapers, sidewalks and crosswalks.  And it doesn’t have much greenery. If you enjoy having more green shrubs and trees and plants around you, you are much better off in Uptown Dallas.  Uptown Dallas is more of a neighborhood feel, with mature, beautiful trees, attractive places to jog and enjoy life!

WHY UPTOWN Dallas for AT&T Dallas New Hires?

Uptown Dallas is very unique. It is a relatively small area but is very focused and packed with many shops, restaurants and night spots.  It’s also packed with younger professionals…those in their 20s and early 30’s primarily (with some exceptions).  These young professionals are busy with work, but when they play, they love to relax and kick back and enjoy. Uptown makes this easy.

Uptown Dallas restaurants are built for making things easy to socialize.  Most of them have great patios to enjoy eating out. And, there are plenty of events to help you get to know other residents in Uptown, like the Katy Trail Run.

Living in Uptown Dallas, means you are just a few minutes away from almost anything in uptown, using the FREE Uptown Trolley from home. The Uptown Trolley runs through the north and south of Uptown, and it runs even late at night on the weekends.  So, no taxi needed most of the time…you have a great, free and safe transportation throughout.

Also, how would you like to save money on downtown parking? Instead of paying hundreds of dollars each month on a parking space…you can live in Uptown Dallas and then take the free Trolley to the AT&T Dallas offices.  It drops off just a few blocks from the office, a short walk to work.  No car needed, and saving hundreds of dollars per month doing it!

Another great benefit in Uptown Dallas is that it is connected to the DART RAIL, the public transportation system.  It is a public train that goes from Downtown to Uptown and well north of that. Living in Uptown Dallas means that you can take that Dart Rail anytime to downtown, or even to plenty of shopping and events that are north of Uptown as well.

So, sum it up: Being in Uptown means this:

  • You can meet many friends easily!
  • You save money in parking fees
  • You save TIME in meeting people
  • You save TIME in having things to do
  • You make connections with other professionals that are rising like you

Uptown Dallas is where your peers are, including recent AT&T Dallas College grads

Uptown Dallas is the most desirable place in the entire metroplex to be for young professionals. It has the highest concentration of professionals in their 20s and 30s anywhere in Texas in one small but terrific area.

Life is just easy when you live in Uptown Dallas. You are right next to downtown and so your commute is next to zero if you work in downtown.  But, you have enough of a distance to where you don’t see your office building…and that separation is important.  Life is easy when you can just get home in minutes, and then relax.

Once you are home, you truly don’t need your car. You can go for a run on the Katy Trail, the 3.5 mile running trail that goes throughout Uptown Dallas…and see plenty of other professionals running with you. (See entrances to the Trail).   You can go to your pool at your apartment, and you are surrounded by others in their 20s/30s.  Or, you can hop on the Uptown Trolley and get to another part of Uptown in a few minutes.  If it’s night time, you can walk to the McKinney Avenue section that has a lot of great restaurants and night spots.  Or, go get some terrific sweet potato fries at Village Burger in Uptown Dallas.  The West Village district of Uptown Dallas offers upscale shopping, dining, spa services, unique living spaces and entertainment, all with plentiful parking and extremely easy Trolley access. And, all of these places are packed with young professionals, and want to meet people just like you do.    And Texas is friendly!

AT&T Dallas Apartments in Uptown Dallas

With all of the advantages of living in Uptown, it’s pretty popular as you might imagine. But, surprisingly, if you compare it to other city professional areas, the Uptown Dallas area is very inexpensive (compare to NYC, San Francisco, etc.).

For AT&T Dallas, Uptown Dallas apartments will typically start in the $1200s/$1300s and go well up from there.  The $1200s would be for a studio or a small one bedroom. Two bedrooms will start in the $1700s/$1800s and go way up from there.

Apartments range from very traditional style apartments (2 or 3 story) to tall high rise with concierge services.  You can get truly get to the experience you are used to and the budget you need to be at as well, with the wide variety of apartments available for AT&T Dallas employees in Uptown Dallas.

Apartments that AT&T Dallas employees prefer are wide ranging.  Many AT&T Dallas college grads prefer to stay on the moderate end of housing costs. There are several ways to stay on the more moderate end of rent in Uptown Dallas. Some of them include:

  • Planning the time of year that your lease starts very carefully (we can help!)
  • Renting an apartment in advance
  • Focusing on the right location in Uptown
  • Determining what amenities you need vs. what amenities are more “nice to have”
  • Looking at the entire cost of the apartment, not just the rent (things like energy efficiency comparisons, extra fees, washer/dryer fees, amenity fees, deposits, etc.

We can help you with all of these items, to help you have a wonderful experience in Uptown, and yet still have to spend only a moderate amount on rent.  And we are an AT&T Recommended, free service. Use this 100% free-to-you form to get help:  Start Your Search
For selecting the best NEIGHBORHOOD in Uptown Dallas, AT&T Dallas Apartments are typically found more in the NORTH section of Uptown Dallas, near the West Village.  This area offers more to walk to (Katy Trail, West Village) but is also quieter at night.  You can enjoy the night life of lower Uptown Dallas, but not have to live next to the noise there…that’s the goal!

AT&T Dallas new hires also like to select apartments that are near the Uptown Dallas Trolley and the Dart Rail. That’s because these 2 public transportation modes save you the money on the downtown Dallas parking space, as we mentioned earlier.

If you are with AT&T Dallas and would like to know which apartments are most preferred by AT&T new college grads, to help you meet other AT&T new hires, we can help…just reach out to us for a quick call or email.

AT&T Dallas is one of the top firms to be associated with in Dallas, and you want to climb the corporate ladder just like everyone else. Give yourself an advantage by living in close proximity to the AT&T Dallas office. Living in Uptown Dallas means you can work those long hours and still have a life.


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