Uptown Dallas: A Once in a Lifetime Experience for College Grads

Uptown Dallas: A Once in a Lifetime Experience for College Grads

Uptown Dallas is more than just a destination. It is more than just a cool address. Uptown Dallas is a once in a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss. This area of Dallas, Texas is unlike any other in the U.S., including popular cities like NYC, Silicon Valley or Chicago. Here are some reasons why this is true.

Campus Comparison
Uptown Dallas is a perfect next step for recent graduates of college. In a sense, it can be compared to a laid back adult fraternity or sorority. The 2 square mile area is very much like a large campus in many ways. Everything can be walked to quickly, and the age range is laser focused on the 22-28 year old age range. The connections you can make in Uptown Dallas, both professionally and socially, just by design surpass other areas by far. Meeting people in Uptown Dallas is very much like college in that you see people you work with (classes); you see familiar faces on the Trolley (campus); you run into people you know at restaurants and bars (college parties), and you see people on the Katy Trail as you work out (hoping you worked out at the gym in college!).

The Social Scene
Although there are many other areas in the U.S. whose residents are mainly young professionals, Uptown Dallas is almost entirely made up of single professionals in their 20’s, and with many of them just having graduated or have graduated one year previous. Other places around the country have limited areas for professionals, but the age range is usually more widely mixed, like NYC or Chicago, and even Silicon Valley. If you are looking for a place with the highest concentration of young, urban professionals that you can access quickly by walking, especially college graduates beginning their professional careers, then Uptown Dallas is the place you want to be. Also, most of the restaurants, bars and events cater primarily to young professionals with their design, what they offer and who frequents them.

Meeting People
There is perhaps no more intentionally designed place for meeting people than Uptown Dallas in the entire U.S. One example: Many of the restaurants in Uptown Dallas have outdoor patio seating, which provides an open and friendly atmosphere along some of the neighborhood’s most populated walkways, such as McKinney Avenue. It is almost impossible to be Uptown Dallas and not run into someone you know! This doesn’t happen by accident. Uptown Dallas has been designed to cater to young professionals who want it all: a promising career, a social life, and a pleasing atmosphere for an outgoing lifestyle. The Katy Trail is another great place to meet people. You don’t have to be a runner or a cyclist to enjoy walking the Trail. The Katy Trail runs the length of Uptown Dallas and has entrances conveniently located so that you can get to your favorite places from there, as well. Many residents and guests will take the Trail as opposed to McKinney just for the nature aspect. It is lined with trees and greenery and is a wonderful alternative if you enjoy walking places. Walking on the Trail you are sure to meet people, as nearly every person you run into greets you with a smile.

Walking To Lifestyle

Uptown Dallas was designed to have everything you might need within walking distance, where you can live and walk to a vast number of shops, restaurants, bars and more. There are other areas in the country that do have this, but they are not as well-designed or have the choices that Uptown Dallas has to offer. Areas like Silicon Valley have excellent pockets of professionals in a few select places, but none of them have the combination of office, living and socializing aspects that Uptown Dallas has, nor do they have the sheer number of professionals concentrated in one area like Uptown Dallas. Uptown Dallas has everything you could possibly need within 2 square miles, designed for walking throughout every quarter: West Village, McKinney Avenue, State Thomas and Ritz/Crescent. Every single part of it can be accessed by either the Katy Trail or the Uptown Dallas Trolley.

Rising Professionals Focus on Uptown Dallas
When you visit Uptown Dallas, you will notice a unique feature in that the vast majority of occupants are high end professionals; upwardly moving, career-minded young people who have finished college and are on their way up in the world. Some of the country’s higher end consultants call Uptown Dallas home: Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company. There are also the Big 4 Accounting Firms: Deloitte, PWC, Ernst and Young, KPMG, as well as AT&T, investment bankers and many others. It is as if you took all the top college grads from around the U.S. and funneled them into this area to work. The top Dallas firms know this as well, as many recruiters for these firms use Uptown Dallas as an incentive to accept jobs with their companies.

Meet Your Mate – You Heard Me! 
Yes, it is ok to think about this!  In Uptown Dallas, you don’t have to ask about your date’s job status or level of success. It’s almost as if that has been screened for you already; you can assume if someone lives and/or works Uptown Dallas, they are at least as successful as you are. This evens the playing field and makes socializing that much more relaxing. The people in Uptown Dallas are single, professional and usually highly social.

Living and working Uptown Dallas has some similarities to meeting people on campus, only taken up several notches. Everyone is working, moving up in their careers, meeting and making new friends and enjoying life in general. Life Uptown Dallas is exciting! People are always on the move, making connections, living with a plan for their lives and seeing those plans to fruition. Uptown Dallas has an atmosphere of success, relaxation and social connectedness. It is a place where you can make a great living, meet long-lasting friends and enjoy living in a place that was designed to support your young, urban lifestyle. There is even a chance you could meet your soul mate, should you want to.

Living and working in Uptown Dallas Dallas leaves little to be desired! You only live once, and you will only have this type of opportunity once. Many rising professionals that come to Dallas live in Uptown Dallas their first couple of years to take advantage of all Uptown Dallas has to offer. As you get older and get settled, you will enjoy your memories of awesome days in Uptown Dallas, or you will kick yourself for not having lived here! Don’t make the mistake; instead, move forward with confidence and enjoy your time here!