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Boston Consulting Group Dallas New Hires – Why Uptown Dallas Makes Sense for you

Have you recently gotten a position with the Boston Consulting Group Dallas (BCG Dallas) as an intern or new college hire?  Congratulations, and welcome to Dallas!  You are making a great move in coming here.  Texas is the number one relocation state in the nation now.    Many national headquarters (possible future clients for you!) are found here, and many more are moving here or at least setting up a large regional office here in Dallas.   And, a recent report from the Huffington post named Dallas as the 5th best city in the WORLD for a young professional to be living in.  That tops every other city in the US except NYC…and game on, NYC!

In my opinion, you will be working for one of the best consulting firms in the world. In working with the BCG Dallas consultants we have served in the past, they have been intelligent, warm and generous individuals who have few ceilings on their lives.  I think the opportunities for you will be very full and rich in the BCG Dallas office.

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Getting to know the location of the BCG Dallas Office
The Boston Consulting Group Dallas office is located on the edge of Downtown Dallas, at 2501 Harwood.  This is actually right next to both Downtown Dallas and Uptown Dallas, but not in either location, technically. If you walk a few blocks east, you are in Uptown Dallas. If you walk a few blocks south, you are in Downtown Dallas.
The location of the office is a convenient one.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s easy to get to the DFW airport to fly to clients (about 35 to 40 minutes away)
  • For more regional clients, it’s also easy to get to Love Field, about 15 minutes away.
  • It’s situated outside of Downtown Dallas, so you don’t have to get stuck in frequent stop lights
  • It’s within a few blocks walking distance to UPTOWN DALLAS
  • It’s right by the North Dallas Tollway, which jets you quickly to the key parts of Dallas and the suburbs

For public transportation, Dallas is not as well developed as other cities such as Boston, NYC, etc.  However, where the office is located, you will actually find more than adequate transportation via the Dart Rail or the free Uptown Trolley:

  • One block away is a McKinney Avenue Trolley stop at San Jacinto and Olive. One block and you have a free ride to anywhere in Uptown Dallas.
  • The Trolley also goes to the Cityplace/Uptown DART Station, from which you can get on the DART Rail or DART City Busses and get anywhere in the Dallas Metropolitan Area. If you have to drive to a client’s office in north Dallas or Plano, your drive home at the end of the day would be against the flow of traffic coming out of downtown, which makes that drive all the less stressful.

Living in Uptown Dallas vs. Downtown Dallas
Now, let’s discuss where you might want to live in relation to the office.  Let’s talk in terms of full time life for now.
Unlike many large cities, the downtown area is the logical location of young, rising professionals.  In Dallas, that’s just not the case. Although it is safe, the downtown Dallas location has never quite developed into the place to be for professionals. That is not to say that downtown Dallas doesn’t have plenty of attractions…it does.  The amount of museums, restaurants and the American Airlines center events have plenty to enjoy.  But, for living, professionals prefer another location.

The location you should consider most strongly is that of UPTOWN Dallas. Uptown Dallas is directly connected to Downtown Dallas, just north of it.  Uptown Dallas is where you will find the majority of residents are in exactly the same boat as you: young, hard working professionals; 22-28 years old; single and extremely career focused but also highly sociable. Wouldn’t it be nice to live among people who understand and take part in the same lifestyle as yourself? In Uptown Dallas, you would have no shortage of that; many of your consulting peers from all of the larger firms and the smaller firms as well prefer this area. Uptown Dallas has these particular advantages as well:

  • You will be in the same areas as peers that share your lifestyle and times in town (gone 4 days, in town 3 days, etc.)
  • Uptown has the best walkable environment for young professionals in the Dallas area. If you locate correctly in it, being close to the key features of Uptown Dallas, you will be able to walk or take the Trolley from just about everything, including the Boston Consulting Group Dallas office
  • All the amenities you need to live are in Uptown Dallas, including housing, food markets, shopping, and some of the best dining and nightlife Dallas has to offer
  • All you need to live, work and socialize is located within a 2.2 square mile area, mere minutes from the Boston Consulting Group Dallas office.

Other parts of Dallas are certainly options for you.  But, choose any other area, and you just don’t have the same advantages mentioned above. None of the other areas are specifically designed for young professionals to have a convenient and connected lifestyle.

Key Features of Uptown Dallas
I had mentioned being close to the key features of Uptown Dallas. When I say CLOSE, I mean WALKING DISTANCE essentially, if you plan it right.  Here are those key features:

  • The Katy Trail – where everyone goes to run, cycle, and inline skate and walk their dog. The Katy Trail is also the perfect place to meet people, especially if you are fitness-conscious. There are entrances to the Trail conveniently located at every major street, so you can even take it as a short cut if you want to avoid the higher traffic areas. The Katy Trail is immensely popular with the residents of Uptown Dallas. It is beautiful, well maintained and highly convenient.
  • The West Village – The West Village district of Uptown Dallas offers upscale shopping, dining, spa services, unique living spaces and entertainment, all with plentiful parking and extremely easy Trolley access. This is also home to the Magnolia Theater and Bar, where you can take your cocktail and gourmet concessions into the theater with you and enjoy the latest film. Awesome? You bet.
  • The McKinney Avenue Nightlife – where there is endless dining and entertainment every night of the week. Singles flock here after work to unwind. Try The Black Friar Pub, or Sfuzzi’s, or the Kung Fu Saloon for starters.
  • The Uptown Dallas Trolley – being close to the free Uptown Dallas Trolley is truly key to convenience. If your residence is close to this, you can easily access all of the other 3 key features mentioned above.  And, catch it to work too!

Neighborhoods of Uptown Dallas
If you have decided to live in Uptown Dallas, that’s just part of your due diligence…now you need to decide which neighborhood within Uptown Dallas you would prefer!   There are actually 5 different neighborhoods in the Uptown Dallas area, 4 directly in Uptown, and one directly bordering it, that are considered when thinking about Uptown Dallas.
The neighborhoods are:

  • West Village Dallas
  • Mid McKinney
  • State Thomas Dallas
  • Crescent/Ritz
  • Turtle Creek Dallas

For a more extensive discussion of these neighborhoods, please review our 5 Neighborhoods of Uptown Dallas article.

Living Possibilities for Boston Consulting Group Dallas New Hires
Like full time hires, and other professionals coming to Dallas, interns also tend to prefer the Uptown Dallas area for their Dallas experience. Boston Consulting Group Dallas interns will either live in Uptown or directly nearby, primarily to save money…not because they prefer the area. There are plenty of choices for either furnished housing or unfurnished housing. Furnished housing can be quite pricey, however, so interns love working with our service to find more moderate cost unfurnished housing.

The Boston Consulting Group Dallas is a superb office to be associated with. It has an excellent reputation among the Dallas consulting firms. Give yourself an advantage by living in close proximity to the Boston Consulting Group Dallas office by being in Uptown Dallas.

It’s important to look at the factors above when considering the area of Uptown Dallas for your residence. Use the 4 key points above to truly compare your apartments in Uptown Dallas.

We have helped Boston Consulting Group Dallas new hires find a well suited residence for over 6 years.  We will give you extensive area information, as well as exhaustive details of potential residences, including hundreds of photos of each apartment, so you can get the true picture of apartments in Uptown Dallas.  We know the inside features and details of Uptown Dallas apartments that take years of experience to acquire.

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