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Best Areas to Live if you are Moving to Uptown Dallas and working for Deloitte Dallas

Welcome to Dallas!  If you are going to be working for Deloitte Dallas downtown office, this information will be helpful to you in selecting an area to live. It will also give you guidance in picking from the Deloitte Dallas apartment options that might be available.

Many new college grads starting with Deloitte Dallas will be coming from cities in Texas and in neighboring states at times, like Oklahoma, etc.  Deloitte has offices in most major cities, but if you are like many others, you may have a choice in selecting the office you will start your career.  Whether you are working in the Audit Dept, Tax or Consulting, choosing the Dallas office makes sense because of the amount of business focus that is in Dallas. Translate this:  There are a LOT of major corporations here in the area or have recently moved here, or are planning on moving here.  Everyone seems to be moving to Texas, and if you are not an oil/gas company, many of the corporations are locating in Dallas! Your first goal is to choose the neighborhood you want to live in.

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I’m writing this article to help you get a quick feel of many of key neighborhoods nearby the Deloitte Dallas downtown office. So, if you are working in downtown Dallas, which neighborhood makes the most sense?

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These thoughts might help:

Live/Work Areas are popular: In Dallas, it seems that “hot spot” areas are where young professionals want to live. That would be areas that you can live and also quickly walk to entertainment, night life, etc.  And, if it is in close driving distance to work…even better! The walking makes things more convenient and fun, so you can leave your car at home once you get home…and go enjoy life.

– The HOT SPOT areas of Dallas, in order of popularity, are:  Uptown Dallas, Addison, Shops at Legacy and Las Colinas. There are other hot spot areas as well developing, but they don’t compare well yet.

Of those 4, the one that is going to be the most popular with your peers at Deloitte Dallas and other Big 4 or consulting firms will be Uptown Dallas.  Uptown Dallas is connects directly to Downtown.  In fact, because of the Dart Rail and the Uptown Dallas Trolley system, you can live in Uptown Dallas and then simply take the free trolley to work.  That’s important, because it means you won’t have to pay for the downtown monthly parking spaces ($100 to $200 a month avg). Uptown Dallas is also the most concentrated area of young professionals in Dallas, in walking distance.  Being that close will open up opportunities to meet many people from all of the Big 4, not just Deloitte … but also many other people from other firms like Boston Consulting Group Dallas , McKinsey & Company Dallas, Bain & Company Dallas, AT&T HQ in Dallas, etc.

Overall costs is another factor:   It is common to look at just the cost of rent and make a decision on where to live.  That makes sense, but the overall cost of living at a place can be much more than just a monthly rent.  For example, if a location costs $100 more a month, but allows you to save $150 a month on parking cost like mentioned above (not to mention gas, wear and tear on your car, etc.), then it would make sense to look at that location more closely.  And, if you live in walking distance to entertainment and groceries, that is another huge convenience factor and a TIME saver.  And a gas saver as well.

Commute is also important: Not just for the reasons above (to save money), but being close to work means you will bump into more people that work with you and help you make connections in OTHER companies as well.  Also, a shorter commute time will get you  precious time you can use to advance your career more quickly.  That extra hour or 90 minutes in the car can be used to get more work done and stand out more as you begin your career at the Deloitte Dallas office in Downtown Dallas.  Now, for the NEIGHBORHOOD to are some quick thoughts!

Downtown Dallas: Downtown Dallas is typically where you might think to locate, like other cities that have a high concentration of young professionals (NYC, Chi, etc.).  But, unlike other cities, Downtown Dallas isn’t where young professionals hang out in Dallas. Things are actually pretty quiet at night and on the weekends in Downtown Dallas.  It does have some great lofts present, but it may not be your best choice on where to live. – EAST or WEST of 75 – Areas that WEST of 75 just tend to be safer overall. Areas that are EAST of 75/Central need a lot more research because there are unsafe pockets all around.  That doesn’t meant to ignore areas east of 75, but they are just going to need more diligent research to determine if these areas are good for your future.

East Dallas/Lakewood/Village: This is east of 75, so see what I mention above. There is something you should know about being EAST.  These areas will have a bit lower rent than Uptown. But, they won’t have the concentration of Uptown for professionals. They also won’t have the “walk to” neighborhoods with a large concentration of shops/restaurants and night spots in walking distance.  There are some areas that have a FEW stores/restaurants, but not as popular or compact (many places in a quick walking distance) as Uptown Dallas. So, you would pay a bit less rent, but you would have a longer commute (which costs you time and gas).  And, you wouldn’t have the convenience of being able to walk to see other colleagues, as well as walk to night life.  These areas just don’t have that concentration of young professionals

Addison:  This is about the farthest that you might want to explore North.  This is going to mean a 30 minute commute on average, and can differ depending on how deep you are in Addison. Rent can be lower here.  There are some terrific live events here (KaboomTown, etc.) and live music/night life.  But, Addison is very spread out and you can’t walk to as many things quickly, you will have to drive. I am an Addison fan, definitely, but if you work in Downtown Dallas, you may feel isolated being that far north. DELOITTE DALLAS APARTMENTS –  Popular CHOICES to Consider  There are some areas and apartments that are popular with Deloitte Dallas new college grads.  Here are some choices to consider.

Uptown Dallas: About 80% of your peers are going to be living in Uptown Dallas.  Areas near the TROLLEY are very convenient, because they would drop you off near work when you are in town.  The areas that are near downtown dallas have slightly lower housing (in the south most portion of Uptown Dallas). You would probably spend a bit less here and the location overall is good. But there is also  a trade off of apartments being less polished and very limited guest parking…and even more important, you live next to night clubs, which can get loud.  One example is Gables Uptown Tower. If you live more in the north portion of Uptown, you might have a quieter experience and would definitely have more to walk to in quick walking access, like the Katy Trail, groceries, the West Village, and more. And, you can still take the Uptown Trolley to get to work here as well, and also to get to night spots in the south that you may want to enjoy.  A great location and a moderate cost can be found at Riviera West Village for example…this is one of several great choices here.

– EAST DALLAS: Lakewood – There are several possible choices for living here, but it needs more research to make sure you have a safe area.  One of the newer choices I like here is Lakewood Flats. This is an all new choice that has a moderate budget.  It would be about 15 minutes from work. East Dallas – Up about 15 minutes from work, if you want to locate here, you might look at choices that are near the Dart Rail. That Dart Rail goes straight downtown and also goes into Uptown in the north part.  While there aren’t as many Deloitte new hires living here, it’s a good option to consider if you plan on auditing companies in North Dallas or Plano or Richardson…a good central location. One of the moderate priced choices i like here is the Phoenix Midtown, but there are many other choices as well.
Roommate Match – If you want to enjoy Uptown Dallas on a budget, you might consider finding a roommate.  We provide a private information exchange for roommate matching that can help you. Reach out to us by email or chat. For a more comprehensive recommendation list of Deloitte Dallas apartments, just reach out to us by email or chat. We will put together a custom set of recommendations for you that will ease the stress on your new career and provide great opportunities to meet other college grads from Big 4 firms as well as others in Uptown. Have a great day…and welcome to Dallas!

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