Uptown Dallas Apartments | Insider Guide Pt 2: Live NEAR Uptown?


Why not live NEAR Uptown Dallas?
The excellent lifestyle of Uptown Dallas is only understood and available when you live and walk in Uptown. It does come at a bit of a premium, but professionals know its well worth it. That’s why professionals will tend to live in Uptown Dallas apartments that are in the strict borders of Uptown Dallas.
You can absolutely live nearby as well in areas of Downtown Dallas, East Dallas, etc. and then travel to Uptown for entertainment. And, we can help you with that if you like. But, the unique benefit of living and making connections in Uptown Dallas tends to get diluted this way. Let’s take a typical scenario to show you the difference.

SCENARIO 1: TED Lives NEAR Uptown Dallas
Ted is pictured below. He chose to live NEAR Uptown Dallas, not actually located in it. By doing that, he saved $50 a month in rent. But, what did he REALLY get a bargain? Because he commutes to Uptown Dallas on the weekends, but because he doesn’t really live in Uptown Dallas…this is what he experiences:
– Walk to anything? He has to drive EVERYWHERE!
–  He gets a great view of the local pawn shop! 🙂  (instead of hopping on the  Katy Trail for a quick run).
– He fixes his own dinner, ALONE.
– He drives everywhere, nothing (SAFE) to walk to, except a gas station that plays LOUD music at 2 am. And, his neighbors? Well, there’s always a lot of activity he can hear, and odd visits of people with caps.
– Is it REALLY worth it?

SCENARIO 1: JAMES Lives IN Uptown Dallas
James has a VERY different experience because he chose to live actually IN Uptown Dallas, not nearby. Yes, he paid just a bit more in rent. He let Uptown101 search all Uptown Dallas apartments for exact pricing and availability for his move in date and budget. He relaxed, while Uptown101 did the work.  Uptown101 sent him a great unit that was PERFECT for his move in date.  Now, here’s what JAMES gets to enjoy:
– James gets to walk everywhere! James doesn’t need a car. He walk to all of his social events, restaurants and more. James can walk to so many restaurants, shops and night spots.  Life is good for James!
– James gets to enjoy the KATY TRAIL!  It’s 4 miles of running and walking. James met a new friend today on the Trail, her name is Gina. Needless to say, James now LOVES the Katy Trail!

– James met a new friend today on the Trail, her name is Gina. Needless to say, James now LOVES the Katy Trail!
– James works in Downtown Dallas. So, he saves a lot of money taking the McKinney Avenue night spots, and doesn’t have to pay for a taxi now!

So, when your heart is set on Uptown Dallas, remember this story about Ted and James.  Let Uptown101 find you a perfect residence for your move in date and budget. Uptown101 is the easiest way to find your best choice from Uptown Dallas Apartments ! To sign up for Daily Availability Alerts, click here:https://uptown101.com/daily-specials-uptown-dallas-apartments/
And welcome to Uptown Dallas!

Note: Places in Dallas KNOW that living in Uptown is highly desirable. In some cases, they will advertise that they are in Uptown, when they actually are not. The boundaries are very important to understand. This is because Uptown is actually a relatively small area. But, if you don’t live in the true boundaries of Uptown, you will not truly experience the lifestyle of Uptown.

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