Insider Secrets to get the Best Uptown Apartment

insider secrets uptown apartments

Insider  Secrets to get the Best Values with Dallas Apartments in Uptown

Hello from Uptown Dallas! Uptown Dallas is the most popular area for young professionals in Dallas and also in the nation!  Dallas has recently surpassed many other large cities in being the most desirable area for young professionals. That would include cities such Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and more.

Apartments are the most popular choice for professionals moving to Uptown Dallas. There are literally over 40 apartments in the Uptown Dallas area, and many of the Uptown Dallas Apartments are recently built.  The styles range in They have the most to choose from and have the best locations. They also allow you to take advantage of in advance pricing that is lower, and also give the lowest deposits.

After working with Dallas Apartments Uptown for the past 7 years, I wanted to give you some of the things I have noticed that will help you get a great value on Dallas Apartments Uptown. These are the types of things that I had to find out on my own. I’m going to cover several key tips too and sometimes it won’t make sense at first…but keep reading! Use my advice and you can save a lot for your Uptown Dallas Apartment.

Tip 1: Book EARLY
One of my favorite things to share about Dallas Apartments Uptown is that the earlier that you look to find an Uptown Dallas Apartment, the more it benefits your pocketbook. The reason may not be obvious, so let me explain it.

Most places in Uptown Dallas require their residences to give notices about 60 days out.  But, you can actually get notices on Uptown Dallas Apartments even up to 90 days out.

Often, better pricing is typically found on Dallas Apartments Uptown that are available earlier.   But, just as important, the lowest priced deals are also typically found out earlier as well.  The GOOD DEALS GO FIRST, just about always! The lowest priced Uptown Dallas Apartments just don’t sit around for long, they get leased.  So, if you are getting availability well in advance, you will have your PICK of the better priced deals in Uptown Dallas apartments. If you get notice, you should go ahead and move forward on leasing them quickly.

Tip 2: Dens make great 2nd bedrooms and save money!
One of the best deals on Dallas Apartments Uptown is found when you have a one bedroom floorplan that has a DEN.  This doesn’t happen in many buildings, but several buildings do have dens.  If you are looking for a 2 bedroom, but don’t have a critical need for a 2nd bathroom, I would check out these types of floorplans to help you save money. They will typically cost about 20 to 30% less than the price of the 2 bedroom in that building!

You have to be a bit careful about a floorplan even if the building says it has a DEN.  When I say DEN, what I mean by this is a CLOSED OFF, SEPARATED area that has a door(s).  It may or may NOT have a closet. But, if it doesn’t have a DOOR, then it truly isn’t a DEN.  But, sometimes, Uptown Dallas Apartments will have the “den” be an open area that is used for maybe a desk or a dining table…in other words, it doesn’t have 4 walls that close off, so you can’t use it for a person.

Tip 3: Always Choose Buildings with Air Conditioned Hallways
This may sound odd, but it’s one of your best money saving tips. Buildings that have interiors that have air conditioned hallways mean that the building itself is heating or cooling your place for you…so your utility bill is going to be lower.  Every time you open the door of your apartment, if you have this type of setup, you won’t be losing (much) energy. That will keep your utility bills lower.

And, for sheer convenience, these types of buildings always have elevators to make grocery putting up easy, along with better security, and sometimes you can drive straight up to your floor.  Big time savers!

Tip 4: Look for Studio units
Want to live like a princess or a prince, but on a pauper’s budget?  Then look for studio apartments in Dallas Uptown Apartments.  More and more places are including studio style apartments into their floor plans, and they are always the lowest priced floor plans available in the building.

What is a “STUDIO”? It’s typically a 500 to 650 sq feet apartment (hey, that would be HUGE in NYC!) that has all of the features of every apartment in the building, but typically minus the 4th wall for the bedroom separation from the living areas.  The typical apartment in Uptown Dallas starts in the 650 sq feet range, so these are just a tad smaller.  Often, the studios actually have a better design that makes better use of space, so the amount of square feet isn’t as material.

Tip 5: Check the RENT RANGE
One thing I always notice when I try to understand a building for our clients is RENT RANGE in Dallas Uptown Apartments. What do I mean by that?  I mean, what is the least expensive and most expensive rent charged for a building.  The larger the rent range is, the better the value is a small one bedroom in that building!

Example 1: Lowest rent in the building $1100 – Highest rent $1900 = $800 rent range. Not as Desirable.
Example 2:  Lowest rent in the building $1200 – highest rent $3500 = $2300 rent range. MUCH MORE DESIRABLE.

I’ve found that expensive rents mean GREAT AMENITIES that are shared with all residents equally, available to all residents no matter if they have a tiny studio or a penthouse in the building!  Great Amenities can mean practical things that can save you money and give you a better experience in Uptown Dallas Apartments, such as gourmet breakfasts, upscale gym (so you can bypass a gym membership), upscale social events, more extravagant pools, 24 hour concierge (makes life easy), free guest parking and more.  So, if you rent something here on the low end (such as a studio, or an inexpensive one bed or two bed), you get to take advantage of some premier amenities, outings and more, but at more bargain prices.

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