FANTASTIC Areas to Live near the West Plano Toyota HQ

Toyota Plano Apartments – Most Popular Areas for Toyota Professionals

Are you a Toyota employee moving to Plano TX? Or starting as a new college grad with Toyota?  And, would you like more information on choosing from the many Toyota Plano Apartments? Well, a big howdy and welcome to you from West Plano!  You will be moving to the state that has become the most popular relocation state in the nation.  And, for good reason…here are just a few of those reasons why you will love Plano Texas!:

Economically Stable – Texas in general, and West Plano in particular, has many corporations here, and in many different industries.  If one segment or industry is not as strong for a while, the many other segments we have here create a buffer for keeping our economy stronger.  The Toyota HQ is itself located inside the quickly growing Legacy Business Corridor, housing many other large companies.

No Long Commute Times! – Unlike many other big cities in the US, driving from West Plano to other areas of Dallas is easy and relatively short. For example, you can reach our downtown in 25 minutes without traffic, and 30 to 45 minutes or so with traffic.  You won’t be in your car for long here in West Plano and Dallas.

People are FRIENDLY – You will find friendly, caring people here in Texas!  If someone says “how are you doing” or smiles at you, that’s what Texas is all about.

Things Cost LESS!   – You are going to be spending less in just about every way here in Texas.  Gasoline, housing, groceries and many other things are lower here in Texas.

No State Income Tax – You will have keep more of your income here.

Everyone is Moving Here! – Texas is experiencing unprecedented growth in population.  People are moving here in droves.

Trader Joes and IN-N-Out – They are both here!
And, it gets even better for young professionals.  Dallas was recently designated by the Huffington Post as the 5th best city in the WORLD for young professionals.   That beat out all other cities in the US, except for NYC!

Toyota Plano Office Location

The Toyota Plano HQ is located in the WEST side of Plano, in an area known as the Legacy Corridor. The Legacy Corridor  is a “business park”, where the space is only occupied by national or regional HQs of well-known businesses. Some of the other businesses in this same park include:
–       FritoLay (owned by PepsiCo)
–       JCPenney
–       Bank of America
–       USAA
Plano was also designated as the “Safest city in America” by Forbes Magazine for 2 years in a row.  The area that the Toyota HQ is located is in the West part of Plano, which is the most desirable part of Plano.  So, that puts the Toyota Plano HQ in the safest part of the safest city in America…quite a great position to be in!

Also, Plano is a suburb of Dallas.  Dallas has become a true “third coast”, where businesses and connections are made.  As mentioned above, many people and businesses have moved here over the last few years.  So, you are in good company!
The location of the Toyota Plano HQ is close to the intersection of 121 and the North Dallas Tollway.  The 121 takes you quickly to the airport, while the North Dallas Tollway is the quickest way south into the heart of Dallas. (And, going north on the Tollway in a few minutes is the bustling FRISCO, Tx, known for the thousands of shops and family friendly neighborhoods.)

Toyota Plano Areas that are popular with  professionals

Dallas has developed several “hot spot” areas in the city that would be popular choices for Toyota Plano Apartments. A Dallas Hot Spot is an area that is filled with professionals primarily where you can quickly WALK to entertainment, restaurants and night life. You also can easily meet other professionals. Being able to WALK to things from where you live in under 10 minutes has become a hugely desirable feature in Dallas for professionals.

If you want to experience the “hot spot” feel where you can live and “play” in the same WALKABLE area, you have some good choices in Dallas within 30 minutes for Toyota Plano Apartments.   We want to give you a few details about some of the most popular areas, especially in terms of LEASING.

There are essentially four HOT SPOT areas of Dallas.   Three of these Hot Spot areas are great options for Toyota Plano professionals:   Uptown Dallas, Addison Tx, and the Shops at Legacy (Plano)
Let’s talk more about each Hot Spot to see why Toyota Plano HQ employees might enjoy these.

Dallas Hot Spot 1: SHOPS AT LEGACY

The Shops at Legacy in Plano Tx has many advantages to living here. It really is a true hotspot in terms of being able to live, work and socialize, all in one area.  The Shops at Legacy was designed from the ground up with a master plan to be that live/work/play environment.  The Shops at Legacy actually has more to walk to in short walking distance than any other hot spot in Dallas.  And, rent prices are lower there as well than in any of the other Dallas Hot Spots.

Even though the Shops at Legacy is in what many call “suburbia”, the residents of the Shops at Legacy are primarily professionals. The college grads that populate this area come from the neighboring corporations that are right by the Shops, including JCPenney, Bank of America, and many, many others.

One additional huge advantage of the Shops at Legacy area is that it is just a few minutes from the Toyota HQ location. And, no highway time is required to get to work, and no tolls are required. It’s possible to even BIKE to work if you live here…nice!
For Toyota Plano employees, the Shops at Legacy makes sense and should be considered as an option for living in Toyota Plano Apartments.

Dallas Hot Spot 2: UPTOWN Dallas

Uptown Dallas is the most popular destination in all of the DFW area for young professionals. It’s located about 25 minutes away from the main HQ office, using a quick drive down the North Dallas Tollway.   It is filled with professionals, packed in an easily walkable area for all to enjoy.

Uptown Dallas continues to grow in popularity each year.  It is extremely convenient to reach Uptown, both by car…and by the free Uptown TROLLEY. The Uptown Trolley travels all through the main part of Uptown Dallas to the north and south parts of it.  So, you can access most of Uptown for free by either walking or using the Trolley.

There are hundreds of restaurants, shops and night spots in the Uptown area. Many of them are easy to access in the West Village area (the north section of Uptown).  Most of the famous night clubs are in the south area of Uptown Dallas, along 2 blocks of McKinney Avenue (the main street of Uptown Dallas).

In our city, the Uptown area (actually just north of downtown Dallas) is the location that is the most like a downtown of other cities such as Chicago, NYC, etc.  So, to get a true “urban city” feel, the Uptown area is definitely your top choice.

Dallas Hot Spot 3: ADDISON Texas

The Addison area is also an option for Toyota Plano Apartments. This is an area about 15 minutes south from the Toyota Plano location.  Living options in the area include apartments primarily if you are renting, and townhomes/condos for buying.
Addison is primarily located just west of the North Dallas Tollway.  Beltline is consider the main street of Addison, and it is nicknamed Restaurant Row.  Literally, hundreds of restaurants and night clubs can be found on Addison. There is always a mix of established restaurants there and new restaurants trying to test the market.

There is much to do at night in Addison, along with many unusual and fun events, such as KaboomTown, Oktoberfest, Taste of Addison, and more.   Addison has truly some of the best and unusual events in the Dallas area.  They also have a great Addison Theater, to see local talent in plays.  And, even try some stand up comedy and other live entertainment venues…Addison really has a lot to do at night!

Addison is very spread out and not as compact as other Dallas Hot Spot areas. You will have to drive around to get to most of the attractions. The rent is slightly higher than the Shops at Legacy, but less than Uptown Dallas.

There is an area associated with Addison that is actually east of the tollway, along Beltline. This area offers few apartment and other rental options, but it is a terrific area for truly having a “walk to” lifestyle. Within easy walking distance are hundreds of restaurants, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, and many other terrific places to enjoy.


For those that want a more traditional pace, there are also some wonderful options nearby that are popular with professionals in West Plano. These are areas that have apartments and affordable housing for purchase.  Some of the most popular areas to explore that are within 25 minutes to the Toyota West Plano HQ are:

FRISCO TX:  Frisco directly borders Plano on the North.  Plano is on the south side of highway 121. Frisco is on the north side of 121.  Frisco has been booming since the early 2000s. It is filled with literally thousands of shops and restaurants, many of them clustered around the Stonebriar Centre (mall).  On the west side of the tollway, there are many wonderful and recently built residential subdivisions at affordable prices.  Schools here are newer and have excellent reputations.
– WEST PLANO TX:  South of the Toyota West Plano HQ are a large amount of housing subdivisions.  The West Plano area is centered around the North Dallas Tollway. Typically, the closer you are to the tollway, the more desirable the housing is (with some exceptions).  Homes start in the higher $200s and go up to multi millions here. The schools are well known throughout the state as well for excellence.
ALLEN TX:  This area starts about 20 minutes away, going east towards highway 75. It is easy to access this area using 121 straight from the Toyota West Plano HQ.  Particularly in the West Allen side (west of 75) there are a large amount of shops and restaurants. Allen schools are also excellent.  Housing is typically a little cheaper here than West Plano.  This is an area known for being very family friendly.
MCKINNEY TX: This area starts about 25 minutes away from the Toyota West Plano location. Simpy use 121 to go straight there. Out of all of the areas above, the most affordable homes are found here typically.  The area is also known for being family friendly, and the schools are excellent as well.

Downtown Dallas vs Uptown Dallas for Toyota Plano New Hires

If you have your heart set on life closer to Downtown Dallas, then you might be considering Uptown Dallas and Downtown Dallas. Many people have this same thought when they are considering moving here.  Other cities like Chicago, NYC and San Francisco have their young professionals working and living and playing in their downtowns.

But, Dallas Downtown just doesn’t have that well developed dowtown section…yet.  It’s not a safety issue…Downtown Dallas for the most part is safe.  And, there ARE some apartments in downtown Dallas…but it’s just not established as the place to be for professionals…instead, Uptown Dallas is. Unfortunately, at night, Downtown Dallas is just not very active. The streets are pretty empty, and the weekends are even more noticeable in their lack of activity. Everyone is in Uptown Dallas instead!

Also, Downtown Dallas is like many other downtowns…it’s a concrete jungle. It’s full of skyscrapers, sidewalks and crosswalks.  And it doesn’t have much greenery. If you enjoy having more green shrubs and trees and plants around you, you are much better off in Uptown Dallas.  Uptown Dallas is more of a neighborhood feel, with mature, beautiful trees, attractive places to jog and enjoy life!

Uptown Dallas is very unique. It is a relatively small area but is very focused and packed with many shops, restaurants and night spots.  It’s also packed with single professionals or couples.  These professionals are busy with work, but when they play, they love to relax and kick back and enjoy. Uptown makes this easy.

Uptown Dallas restaurants are built for making things easy to socialize.  Most of them have great patios to enjoy eating out. And, there are plenty of events to help you get to know other residents in Uptown, like the Katy Trail Run.
Living in Uptown Dallas, means you are just a few minutes away from almost anything in uptown, using the FREE Uptown Trolley from home. The Uptown Trolley runs through the north and south of Uptown, and it runs even late at night on the weekends.  So, no taxi needed most of the time…you have a great, free and safe transportation throughout.

Another great benefit in Uptown Dallas is that it is connected to the DART RAIL, the public transportation system.  It is a public train that goes from UPTOWN directly to the Toyota Plano offices. The drop off locations are within a very short distance to the offices and are completed with a quick shuttle. Living in Uptown Dallas means that you can take that Dart Rail anytime to the TI south Dallas offices, or even to other shopping and events that are north of Uptown as well.
In summary, if you live in Uptown Dallas, you get to enjoy these:

  • You are around young professionals all of the time
  • You save TIME in meeting young professionals from TI and other firms
  • You save TIME in having things to do with your new friends from TI
  • You have an easier time making connections with other professionals that are rising like you

Toyota Plano Apartments in Uptown Dallas

With all of the advantages of living in Uptown, it’s pretty popular as you might imagine. But, surprisingly, if you compare it to other city professional areas, the Uptown Dallas area is very inexpensive (compare to NYC, San Francisco, etc.).
For Toyota Plano, Uptown Dallas apartments will typically start in the $1200s/$1300s and go well up from there.  The $1200s would be for a studio or a small one bedroom. Two bedrooms will start in the 1800s and go way up from there.

Apartments range from very traditional style apartments (2 or 3 story) to tall high rise with concierge services.  You can get truly get to the experience you are used to and the budget you need to be at as well, with the wide variety of apartments available for Toyota Plano employees in Uptown Dallas.

There are a lot of variety of Toyota Plano Apartments.  Many Toyota Plano college grads prefer to stay on the moderate end of housing costs. There are several ways to stay on the more moderate end of rent in Uptown Dallas. Some of them include:

  • Planning the time of year that your lease starts very carefully (we can help!)
  • Renting an apartment in advance
  • Focusing on the right location in Uptown
  • Determining what amenities you need vs. what amenities are more “nice to have”
  • Looking at the entire cost of the apartment, not just the rent (things like energy efficiency comparisons, extra fees, washer/dryer fees, amenity fees, deposits, etc.

For selecting the best NEIGHBORHOOD in Uptown Dallas, the most popular of the Toyota Plano Apartments are typically found more in the NORTH section of Uptown Dallas, near the West Village.  This area offers more to walk to (Katy Trail, West Village) but is also quieter at night.  You can enjoy the night life of lower Uptown Dallas, but not have to live next to the noise there…that’s the goal!

Another important factor is that the NORTH part of Uptown has quick access to get out to 75/Central Expressway, which goes directly to several of the TI offices.  Toyota Plano new hires also like to select apartments that are near the Uptown Dallas Trolley and the Dart Rail. As we mentioned, the Dart Rail will also drop off right by 2 of the Toyota Plano offices, and very near 2 more of the offices.Summary

If you are a professional with Toyota Dallas, you will have many living area choices to make you feel comfortable and get to know people here!  You will find excellent urban areas similar to California here, in one of the hot spots of Dallas for professionals.  Let us help you!
We have helped professionals moving to the Plano area find terrific Toyota Plano Apartments to lease for over 7 years.   We can help you select from all professional Dallas Hot Spot Areas, including Shops at Legacy in West PlanoUptown Dallas, and Addison, to find your perfect fit residence.

We know the inside features and details of Toyota Plano apartments that take years of experience to acquire.  Or, if you wish to explore additional areas with a more relaxed pace such as Frisco, McKinney, Allen, etc. we can also help!
We invite you to reach out and let us make your transition to Plano easy and convenient. You are going to love it here! Text UPTOWN to 31996 or fill this out: Uptown Search.  Our service is 100% Free and we will find your perfect place to start your  Dallas adventure. Talk to you soon!