PWC Dallas New College Hires – Uptown is a Convenient Life

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PWC Dallas New College Hires – Uptown is a Convenient Life

So you are a recent college grad, possibly from out of town and have landed a job with Pricewaterhouse Coopers Dallas aka PWC Dallas, one of Dallas’ Big 4 Accounting and Consulting Firms. Congratulations!

Welcome to a life of long hours, working weekends and challenging assignments. But you know, life is more than just corporate audits and tax provisions or long term assignments out of town. Really!

Certain careers come with a certain price to pay, it’s true. For example, if you are in audit, you will be most likely in town working hard for a corporation and with a team. Your PWC Dallas hours will be long and you will need to maximize your time to ensure a decent work-life balance.

The same thing applies if you are in consulting with PWC Dallas, even more so. Often you are traveling on the road 4 days a week and have just a limited time when you come home to get that work-life balance, reconnecting with friends, and taking those precious opportunities to relax and socialize.

Choosing the right place to live can actually have an impact on your work performance.
Think about it. Wouldn’t it be smarter to live closer to the office, in a centralized location with easy access to everything you need to live, work and socialize? You wouldn’t be stuck in traffic for hours every day. Living in Uptown Dallas, you are a couple minutes free ride on the Trolley from home. No parking fees downtown. No long commute. Less wasted time means more quality time, both at work and at play. It’s time to seriously put that degree to work and do the math! Living in Uptown Dallas just makes sense. That’s why you should think very seriously about locating in UPTOWN Dallas.

PWC Dallas Office location next to Uptown Dallas

The PWC Dallas offices are located downtown on Ross Avenue between North Harwood Street and Olive. One block south of you is a McKinney Avenue Trolley stop at San Jacinto and Olive. One block and you have a free ride to anywhere in Uptown Dallas. The Trolley also goes to the Cityplace/Uptown DART Station, from which you can get on the DART Rail or DART City Busses and get anywhere in the Dallas Metropolitan Area. If you have to drive to a client’s office in north Dallas or Plano, your drive home at the end of the day would be against the flow of traffic coming out of downtown, which makes that drive all the less stressful. Driving north out of downtown to go home at the end of the day is a traffic nightmare. Living in Uptown Dallas is extremely convenient, and it is designed specifically for professionals just like you, who eat, sleep and breathe their work but want to have a life as well.

In Uptown Dallas, you will find the majority of residents are in exactly the same boat as you: young, goal oriented professionals; 22-28 years old; single and extremely career focused but also highly sociable. Wouldn’t it be nice to reside among people who work and live as you do? In Uptown Dallas, you would have no shortage of that; most of your peers from PWC Dallas and the other Big 4 Accountants probably already live here. Uptown Dallas is the one area in Dallas that literally has everything an urban professional could want or need:

  • Centralized location
  • Easy freeway access
  • All the amenities you need to live including housing, food markets, shopping, and some of the best dining and nightlife Dallas has to offer

All you need to live, work and socialize is located within a 2.2 square mile area, mere minutes from the PWC Dallas downtown office. Uptown Dallas is the solution you’ve been looking for.



Uptown Dallas has everything you need and is in the perfect location for a downtown professional like you. There certainly are other places in the Dallas area you could live, maybe even a little bit less expensively. But consider this. Finding someone in Uptown Dallas to share rent with might be easier than you think. We can help.

Uptown Dallas has several features you don’t want to miss:

  • The McKinney Avenue Nightlife – where there is endless dining, drinking and entertainment every night of the week. Singles flock here after work to unwind. Try The Sambuca, or Truluck’s, or the Kung Fu Saloon for starters. You won’t regret it.
  • The Katy Trail – where everyone goes to run, cycle, and inline skate and walk their dog. The Katy Trail is also the perfect place to meet people, especially if you are fitness-conscious. There are entrances to the Trail conveniently located at every major street, so you can even take it as a short cut if you want to avoid the higher traffic areas. The Katy Trail is immensely popular with the residents of Uptown Dallas. It is beautiful, well maintained and highly convenient.
  • The West Village – The West Village district of Uptown Dallas offers upscale shopping, dining, spa services, unique living spaces and entertainment, all with plentiful parking and extremely easy Trolley access. This is also home to the Magnolia Theater and Bar, where you can take your cocktail and gourmet concessions into the theater with you and enjoy the latest film. Awesome? You bet.



PWC Dallas is one of the top firms in Dallas, and you want to climb the corporate ladder just like everyone else. GIVE YOURSELF AN ADVANTAGE BY LIVING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO WORK. Living in Uptown Dallas you can work those long hours and still have a life. Even if you work weekends, you can still take an hour or two and enjoy a brunch with your friends before hitting the PWC Dallas office again. Or choose a restaurant or café with free Wi-Fi___33, as most here offer it, and work from there over coffee. Just because you work for a power house doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a life outside of the office. It is possible to have both. Succeed at work and enjoy a great life simultaneously.

The next time you find yourself in the break room at work, strike up a conversation with some of your co-workers about Uptown Dallas. You are likely to get some pretty enthusiastic responses. People who live in Uptown Dallas love it. People who work downtown but live further away will say they hate the commute and that they wish they had the same conveniences Uptown Dallas has to offer. You may work in a concrete jungle, but don’t let that imprison you or cramp your otherwise active, social lifestyle. Choose Uptown Dallas. It’s the smarter thing to do.

When you are ready to search for your PWC Dallas Apartments, choose our firm to help. We work with professionals all of the time and provide expert, quick service to help you have a seamless and easy transition to Dallas. Reach out right away on our Get Help Now link…and welcome to Uptown!

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