Katy Trail Apartments in Uptown Dallas – The Trend Continues!

Welcome to Uptown Dallas! If you are considering a move to a new Uptown Dallas apartment, you should look at perhaps the most obvious trend in Uptown Dallas: be in an apartment that is within quick walking distance of the Katy Trail Dallas running/walking/biking path in Uptown Dallas. And, by quick walking distance, I mean to be within 7 minutes walking max! Let’s call these Katy Trail Apartments!

What is the Katy Trail?

The Katy Trail in Dallas Texas is a former railroad train path that stretched through the land before it was even named Uptown! It was later abandoned as a railroad path and sat idle for quite a while. It was sold to the city of Dallas by the railroad in 1993. The Katy Trail Dallas looked nothing like it does now at this time…it was in fact a haven for crime before renovation began.

Innovative city thinkers in the US northern states had successfully experimented with making railroad tracks into exercise paths. City planners in the area here decided to try the same approach, and succeeded! Construction began in 2000, after raising millions of dollars.

The Katy Trail Dallas path runs primarily on the WEST side of Uptown Dallas. It forms the primary border of Uptown Dallas for much of its path, but then veers away a bit even more west of the Uptown Dallas border.

The Katy Trail Dallas is much more than a slender “trail”. It is a huge and WIDE jogging, biking and running path. In fact, it’s actually 2 paths in parts of it, forming a huge amount of space to get a great workout, along with many friends. It gives people that work in the Uptown or Downtown Dallas area a great chance to get exercise at lunch or right after work as well.

Advantages to Living near the Katy Trail

The Katy Trail Dallas is a SOCIAL SCENE! There are so many people that are on the path at all times of the day that it is a great way to meet people that live in the area. Young professionals love taking a quick run in the afternoon, evening or Saturdays along the trail. If you are thinking of moving to Uptown Dallas, and you want an easy way to meet people, this is a great way to do it! And, if you live within a quick walking distance to the Katy Trail Dallas, it can become a quick easy way to get your exercise and meet people at the same time.

Another advantage of living near the Katy Trail Dallas is: Quick access to other parts of Uptown Dallas! Using the Katy Trail, you can very quickly walk, run or bike to other parts of Uptown. You can go much more quickly than if you were using streets or cars. It’s like a massive shortcut through Uptown anytime, never clogged by traffic!

And how about this additional advantage? Getting OUT of Uptown Dallas quickly for WORK! This is rather huge…let me explain why. Some parts of Uptown Dallas, especially the East side and the south side, get very clogged in the morning and afternoon with traffic going to work. There aren’t a lot of quick ways out of Uptown Dallas, so people that live in this area have to rely on using the very crowded (and sometimes one way streets) of McKinney Avenue Dallas. It can add quite a bit of commute time each day to your work path. But, if you live near the Katy Trail Dallas, you can zoom out of Uptown Dallas easily for work, avoiding the very busy McKinney Avenue Dallas. You can go through Oak Lawn to get to north Dallas or Plano. You can also use Cedar Springs to quickly get to Downtown Dallas. It’s just a huge time saver!

For these reasons, we notice that more and more professionals are choosing to be within walking distance of the Katy Trail. Now, let’s find out more about how to select and choose from the Katy Trail Apartments.

Where to Find Katy Trail Apartments

The Katy Trail Dallas is not easily accessible at all points. Although it is public, it actually has few access points. (This enhances security…and there are recent additions and lighting that further enhance safety as well.) So, living near one of the access points is important if you want to quick access. Using our information on the 5 neighborhoods of Uptown Dallas, there are some areas of Uptown that are a better fit for living nearby the Katy Trail Dallas, to be within quick walking distance.

All apartment managers in Uptown Dallas know the popularity of the Katy Trail. Some may say that they are close to the Katy Trail…and if you consider in terms of drive time, that’s true! But for being within quick WALKING distance, these 2 neighborhoods in particular are truly in WALKING DISTANCE to the Katy Trail:

West Village Dallas neighborhood in Uptown Dallas – This area is the most north point of Uptown Dallas. It has actually 2 access points to the Katy Trail Dallas, with the primary access point being the public entrance on Blackburn (and it is just a few minutes walking from the West Village Dallas). This area’s west border is the Katy Trail, so it has very quick walking access!

McKinney Avenue Dallas West neighborhood in Uptown Dallas – This area is the area that is WEST of McKinney Avenue Dallas. This would not include the areas in south Uptown Dallas with bars, etc., although this area is directly bordering that area. Where the West Village neighborhood is the north most point of Uptown Dallas, the McKinney Avenue Dallas West neighborhood is right below it, still bordering the Katy Trail as well. Not as much of this area is quick walking distance to the Katy Trail, but some of it is directly bordering the Katy Trail!

Katy Trail Apartments in Uptown Dallas

Now that we have identified the features of the Katy Trail Dallas and the benefits of living near the Katy Trail Dallas, let’s explore some of our favorite Katy Trail Apartments for your review!

NOTE: Use our special feature search to easily identify which apartments in Uptown Dallas are within 7 minutes walking distance to the Katy Trail! The search feature to use is WalkTo Katy Trail.

Some of our favorite Katy Trail Apartments include:

  • Riviera at West Village – An excellent value in the “sweet spot” of Uptown Dallas. Walk to the Katy Trail in under 3 minutes, and also walk to the West Village and the Uptown Trolley within 3 minutes as well! Also close to McKinney Avenue and the Albertson’s grocery store in Uptown Dallas.

  • Monterey Uptown – The Monterey Uptown apartments are also near the Katy Trail. The Monterey Uptown apartments are an excellent value and include hardwoods, granite countertops and unique interior amenities…but typically are below the prices found in other comparable Uptown Dallas apartments.

  • Lennox at West Village – Another excellent value in the same sweet spot, being close not only to the Katy Trail, but also right inside the West Village and right next to the Uptown Trolley pickup point!

NOTE: There are a few Katy Trail apartments that are sometimes within walking distance to the Katy Trail Dallas, but they aren’t in Uptown Dallas! You might be on the alert when you are looking, because apartments may advertise themselves as being “Uptown Dallas apartments”, but they really aren’t, unless they are in the border of Uptown Dallas. And, once you get past the border of Uptown Dallas, there is a big difference in quality. If you are not actually in Uptown Dallas but living even just a few minutes outside of it, you lose much of the key features of Uptown Dallas, including being walkable to restaurants, night spots and the free Uptown Dallas Trolley, which takes you to all of the key features of Uptown Dallas! Use our free service to determine which apartments are truly not only in Uptown Dallas, but also walking distance to the Katy Trail!

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