Best wishes from Uptown Dallas. We work with coming graduates from schools across the country to provide our professional, time-saving service.  We work with graduates from Texas based schools (Baylor, Texas A&M, UT Austin, Texas Tech, TCU, SMU, etc.) but we also serve Ivy League Graduates.

I just had the pleasure to assist 2 different Harvard graduates yesterday with their Uptown Dallas apartment search.  After working with their needs, I received a referral of another Harvard graduate. I then received a referral within 60 seconds of another Harvard graduate. We also work with Columbia, Princeton, Yale, etc.

I wanted to mention a few of the reasons why our service is chosen by Ivy League professionals.

1. PRIVACY: Our service is the only service that keeps your information truly private and discrete. Once any of our clients send in their information, we don’t distribute it at ANY time to a third party without explicit approval.  In fact, we do all of the work in quickly finding available apartments that match their needs, so we provide a “buffer” for them. This allows them to keep their privacy intact.
This is in contrast to other services that will freely distribute name, email, phone number and other personal bites of information to multiple parties (leasing agents, etc.). It also creates hassle and unwanted emails and calls for our clients. We believe this is a harmful and flawed approach. We keep all communication to ourselves.

2. WE DO THE HARD WORK SO OUR CLIENTS CAN RELAX: Our service finds Uptown Dallas apartments that are really available and that fit a budget and move in date. We don’t ask clients to do that. Our clients don’t have to keep checking back with leasing agents, emailing, etc. We do all of the work for them. They can relax.

3. WE PROVIDE LOCAL, INSIDER INFORMATION:  We are experts that focus only on Uptown Dallas.  Other firms have agents that are not only new, but that will serve many areas of Dallas. We instead believe that a focus on gathering key information and publishing articles about this provides a much more in depth and valuable benefit to searching for Uptown Dallas apartments.

4. OUR CLIENTS SAVE 10-20 Hours: As mentioned above, we love finding ways to eliminate things that take up time for our clients and taking care of them on their behalf.  When clients use our professional service, they leave the search completely to us (per their requirements, move-in date and budget). They can focus on finishing up school, graduating and summer plans. Our service typically will result in a 10-20 hours time saving on the service. It also alleviates much of the stress involved in a search.

Please sign up for our 100% Free-to-You Service to find your perfect apartment in Uptown or nearby areas (Lower Greenville, Knox Henderson, Deep Ellum, etc).  Our free, quick service will save you hours of time and remove your stress.  Free Signup: HERE 

When you apply, you will also receive a free $100 Amazon card as well as a thank you for using our free service.

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