Uptown Dallas – Staying in Shape in And Mingle While You Do It!

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Staying in Shape in Uptown – And Mingle While You Do It!

Hello again and welcome to Uptown Dallas!

Uptown Dallas has so many great restaurants, bars and more… and so I felt obligated to also tell you how you can work off all of those great times with some enjoyable fitness options. De-stress and also de-fat!

Here are some of the best ways so stay fit in Uptown Dallas, and they aren’t all what you think! Many of them are gyms and I’m focusing on strictly Uptown Dallas. That’s because part of the goal is also to help you maximize your social life and meet as many new people as you can!

Top Professional Gyms – Uptown Dallas residents… well, we love our gyms! Some of the best have been around a while, but some are pretty new!

  • Trophy Fitness on Vines near McKinney – Good gym for meeting people too! Has been deemed as one of the best gyms for meeting people by GL Best in DFW ratings. Reviewers also comment on how clean the facility is, as well as highly professional staff and trainers there.
  • Gold’s Gym on McKinney AWESOME place to meet people. In reviews, Gold’s Gym has been described as “the nightclub of gyms” as well as “sexy and trendy” so be prepared to get social while you get fit!
  • Energy Fitness – located in the West Village, Energy Fitness specializes in classes such as boot camps, Zumba, Cross Fit and Spin classes. Classes and group exercise are a great way to meet people, and to learn about other gym related events such as runs, even pub crawls! This gym describes its members as a close-knit community in an upscale setting.
  • LA Fitness – This LA Fitness is a brand new Signature facility, just built on Haskell which is a short walk from the West Village. Club amenities include personal training, top of the line equipment, courts, a basketball court and group fitness opportunities. This gym offers a printable guest pass if you visit the link online; take them up on their offer to tour the facility, take a look at class schedules, and see if this gym is what you are looking for. You will definitely see the social benefits of working out here the minute you enter the building. Everyone is friendly and very helpful.


Top Apartment Gyms – Since Uptown Dallas residents really value fitness, owners of recently built residences aren’t cutting corners in making great quality gym fitness available. In fact, in many cases, because of the high quality of some of the gyms that are free in the apartments, you really don’t need to have an extra gym! But, as you consider your apartment to live in, and if fitness is important to you, you might want to look at these places in particular for their above average gyms!

  • Mondrian – love the huge two story gym that faces the street. It has it all: treadmills, weights and even a separate room for yoga or spin or working out with a personal trainer. The atmosphere is very open, with lots of windows and a great view overlooking downtown Dallas. You will feel great working out here!
  • L2 – This complex has a fantastic and large multilevel workout area, with two stories of just about all glass. Easy to see out and see the neighborhood and love the light! L2 has all of the goodies, like plenty of treadmills, free weights and even KETTLE BELLS! Then, there’s the 2nd floor, with the yoga room and the spin room!
  • Cityville CityPlace – Recently built and good size facility where you can get an amazing workout, whether it’s on the treadmills or the free weights. Lots of lot and fun to be in, although it isn’t huge. The wild part of this is that the new LA Fitness is next door, but you may not really need it with this great free gym! This fitness center is open 24 hours and includes premium cardio equipment with integrated media, individual strength training machines as well as free weights.

This was such a fun subject to talk about that I’m making this into a separate article…stay tuned!

Katy Trail – well of course we would say the Katy Trail! It is 3.5 miles of fun, whether you want to run it, bike it or even moped on it. There are plenty of amenities on the Trail as well, including restrooms, parking, blue bike lockers, mileage markers and a lost and found. People love the Katy Trail! It is great for working out, but also for socializing. If you are interested in joining a running group, check out Dallas Running Club or for group rides for cyclists on the Katy check out Bike Friendly Dallas. Both groups call Katy Trail home, among other locations around Dallas. ? Keep in mind, too that the Katy Trail is a great way to circumvent high traffic areas, so check out the map and use it as a short cut! Lots of people do this and it’s too convenient not to. There are entrances at all the major intersections of the Trail, or if you need water, check out the Katy Trail Ice House on the south end by the Routh Street entrance. There is always free water for the runners and cyclists working out on the Trail. Many people like to use this as a meeting spot. Like I said before, it is a very friendly place to be!

Sports Leagues

Want maybe the easiest way to meet people and still get in shape? Then it’s definitely to join a sports league that is based in Uptown Dallas.

  • WAKA – If you have recently graduated and are moving here, definitely join the awesome Kickball social league that WAKA provides. You will meet plenty of people and have a lot of fun without having to be too athletic. I would maybe call this “KIND OF” athletic…you won’t sweat that much here… this will definitely add some fun to your regular workout routine!
  • Dallas Sports and Social Club – huge league with the primary purpose to help you meet people, similar to WAKA. Their office is located nearby Uptown Dallas. http://dallassportsleagues.com/ Dallas Sports Leagues includes a wider range of sports such as softball, football, kickball, and volleyball.



The Katy Trail or your favorite gym are two places great for meeting people and perfect, of course for staying fit. Since both things are on your agenda anyway, why not combine them? The Katy Trail is a gorgeous outdoor setting and the people you encounter along the way are either residents of Uptown Dallas or very nearby, always friendly and helpful. At any of the several club gyms to choose from, people are working out, staying fit and enjoying the company of others. Why not join in? Keep your social life as healthy as your lifestyle with these great tips!


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