Easy Ways to Meet People in Uptown Dallas: PART 1

Easy Ways to Meet People in Uptown Dallas: PART 1
If you are thinking about moving to Uptown Dallas, but are worried you don’t know anyone, have no fear! Uptown Dallas is built for social interaction! From the way apartments are designed, to things you can get involved in and the way restaurants are built, Uptown Dallas makes it very easy to meet people.

I’m writing two articles here to help point out how easy it is. My Part 1 gives you the “falling out of bed” easy ways to meet people… seriously! In fact, you don’t have to go past your apartment complex with these options. (Part 2 will cover ways in Uptown Dallas that will take a little more effort but will get you nice results as well.) Here are some simple ways I have found to meet people, hope you enjoy them! Some of these are a little off beat, but they work! Have some fun with these…and let these spark other great ideas as well! 🙂

The key with any of these suggestions is: Take the initiative and be friendly. With Uptown Dallas, you will have friends in no time…


You’ve Got Mail
Pick up your mail every day around 6 p.m., when other people will be there. Have a smile and comment on the weather or say you are new and ask what places they would recommend to go. You will run into new people every day, as well as start to recognize some familiar faces the longer you are here. Uptown Dallas is very social; you will notice others as they notice you!

Monthly Social Event
Just about every apartment in Uptown Dallas has a monthly social event. Definitely attend these events. Some of the apartment buildings are super smart about this and actually COMBINE MULTIPLE COMMUNITIES in their monthly socials. DEFINITELY attend these as well; you can meet people from three apartments, not just one… more variety! Think of the many people there, and just about all of them are new to town just like you. People who attend these events are looking for the same social interaction that you are, so don’t be shy!

Another easy way to meet people is to just go to the pool often. Most of the pools have a community grill poolside. Put a sign up with the management office that you will be grilling some chicken and want to have a pot-luck. Sharing food will make some pretty quick friendships happen. Make it BYOB and you will have an instant pool party on your hands!

If your apartment has a single or main entrance or exit, use the main one often; the same goes with the garage. Using the same entrances consistently will guarantee you to start recognizing faces, and letting people recognize yours. Initiate the wave to all people no matter if you know them, you will get some surprising results. Oh, quick primer on Texas… it’s not considered weird to say hello or to get plenty of hellos. Texas is known for its friendly “howdy, neighbor” attitude and Uptown Dallas is no different. It is customary in the South to initiate a wave, almost expected, so don’t hesitate to make the most of this simple gesture.

Uptown Dallas is into fitness. Most apartments have a decent, if not spectacular gym! So use it! Your apartment gym is a great place to meet people who are as health-conscious as you are. If you want to maximize your approachableness, try working out without the ear buds. Pay attention to those around you, and take opportunities to strike up conversations with others. Connections you make at the gym can lead to meeting workout buddies, running into co-workers, or even making a date. If your place has a small or no gym, join the nearest club gym. Some popular favorites in Uptown Dallas are LA FitnessGOLD’S GYM, and Trophy Fitness.

Sport Clubs
Some residences have team sporting events with the tenants. These are rare, but definitely join them if they do. Another great thought is the Uptown Dallas Adult Kickball league, called WAKA. It’s popular and easy to do, many people are into it. Most of the leagues have favorite bars they meet at after games; this only adds to the fun! What better way to integrate into a group of fun loving friends than joining an adult sports league?

If you live in a high rise, you will have a concierge. The concierge is there to help, with any question or need you may have about the building, the area, even the weather. Ask questions often about the most popular events or places. But, even more important, OTHER PEOPLE will come up often and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to stick around a bit after your question to bump into other people as they ask their questions. Getting to know your concierge by name is also a good idea. They will greet you by name also, which will be heard by others around you. It’s a great way to get noticed.

The Nuclear Option – GET A DOG! 
If you want one option that will get you the most results in meeting people, then get a (CUTE) DOG: Uptown Dallas is very dog friendly. Most apartments allow for dogs and even encourage them. Some even have interior dog parks or dog runs, so you don’t have to leave your apartment to take your dog out.

Many people will get dogs, unless they travel frequently. If you are not travelling frequently, adopt a dog and hit the streets. Although we will cover this more in Part 2, there are several restaurants that cater to dogs, and even inside many apartments there are dog runs and parks…perfect places to meet others! Mutts Cantina is one terrific example. Mutts serves great food, has a fantastic beer selection, and encourages patrons to bring their “best friend,” your best Canine friend! They are located on Cityplace West Boulevard near Lemmon Avenue and Howell Street. There’s even a Mutts dog park, perfect for socializing with your dog and other dog lovers.

If you do find yourself traveling, there is The Dog Lofts in Uptown Dallas, right on McKinney Avenue. They offer boarding and grooming services, as well as full service vet care. The Dog Lofts is another place to meet other dog lovers, and find great care for your companion.

Meeting new people Uptown Dallas, you will find, is as easy as living here. You will be surrounded by other people looking for the same thing you are in a community: friendly people, convenient services and a social atmosphere that just cannot be beat. If you take these suggestions, you are going to have more friends than you thought, and quick! But, for extra help, stay tuned to Part 2 for other ideas. And, welcome to Uptown Dallas!

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