Turtle Creek Dallas: Close to Everything and Quiet at Night

The Turtle Creek Dallas area is a small, private area that directly borders Uptown Dallas (on the Katy Trail), but is technically not Uptown Dallas. It is essentially a long but narrow strip of land that runs along the Turtle Creek Dallas (and the Katy Trail). To the east of Katy Trail is the McKinney Avenue and the West Village Areas of Uptown Dallas. To the west of the Katy Trail border of Uptown Dallas is the Turtle Creek Dallas area. Turtle Creek Dallas butts directly up against the popular Katy Trail and so has very quick access to it, making Uptown Dallas and Turtle Creek become one in a sense in this section.

This location is FANTASTIC and CONVENIENT for those that don’t want to go through the sometime busy traffic of Uptown Dallas to get to work. Residents can take Cedar Springs to get to the Dallas North Tollway in minimal time (for working in Plano for example). Residents can also more quickly get to downtown as well than other parts of Uptown Dallas because of the one way McKinney Avenue in some parts of Uptown Dallas.

FYI: People sometimes confuse Turtle Creek Dallas with Oak Lawn. The next area directly bordering WEST of Turtle Creek Dallas is actually Oak Lawn. Because of the direct border of Turtle Creek Dallas and Uptown Dallas, (and with similar types of professionals that enjoy this area), it can often be mistaken for being part of Uptown Dallas. And with some of the excellent and moderate priced housing here, it is worth keeping in mind.

Before there was Uptown Dallas, Turtle Creek Dallas was considered the hot spot for living and working in Dallas. It has old and very beautiful trees and considerably extensive park areas near Cedar Springs and to the South. Turtle Creek Dallas also has two public entrances to the Katy Trail, with fairly quick access to it from any point in the district.
A little known fact: The classic TV show Dallas had JR Ewing’s office (outer shots) filmed at one of the office buildings here, bordering Turtle Creek Dallas.

Socially Speaking
This section is very professional driven, yet quiet. The Turtle Creek Dallas area is a well-established, long standing feature on the face of the Dallas, Texas landscape. Socially speaking, Turtle Creek Dallas is better known for its residential properties and office spaces; there are not as many opportunities for socializing as there are in Uptown Dallas. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of ways to meet people, but just that residents quickly walk or drive to Uptown Dallas. In fact, Turtle Creek Dallas residents typically travel the short distance across the Turtle Creek Dallas into Uptown Dallas for socializing and entertainment in general.

This district is home to the Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek Dallas, a posh five-star resort with nearly a century of Texas history behind it. Even though the Mansion has changed hands several times since it was first built in 1920, most of the original European antiques, interior furnishings and fixtures still remain. The original owners were Dallas cotton barons, traveling the European continents for the design elements still present in the Mansion today.

Dining at the Mansion, you will experience the restaurant’s “haute cuisine” which has been touted as one of Dallas’ finest places to dine. The cuisine has been described as “Texas style,” influenced by regional ingredients and flavors.
Near the Turtle Creek Dallas district is the American Airlines Center, home to many concerts and sporting events, including the Dallas Mavericks pro basketball team as well as the Dallas Stars NHL Hockey team. From the American Airlines Center you can hop the M Line Trolley and get back to Uptown Dallas for dinner, drinks and entertainment.

Green Space
There is MUCH greenery here, and a wide variety of places to walk a dog. There are many great places to jog as well, including access to the Katy Trail. There is also Robert E. Lee Park at Turtle Creek Dallas and N. Hall Street which spans both sides of Turtle Creek Dallas itself, as well as Reverchon Park and Recreational Center at Turtle Creek Dallas Boulevard and Maple Avenue. There are lots of green spaces for pets and recreation, such as Frisbee golf and even a city baseball field.
Residential Space
What Turtle Creek Dallas residents find most appealing about living here is that you have very quick access to the best parts of Uptown Dallas, but can live a bit cheaper than being directly in Uptown Dallas. Choices for living include primarily mid-rises with protected, climate controlled interiors and covered parking.
What is also nice about the Turtle Creek area is that you can quickly get to the Dallas North Tollway if you work in North Dallas or Plano, or even downtown. There is also quick access to I-35 Stemmons freeway as well as Harry Hines Boulevard which takes you straight to the Dallas Love Field Airport.
The livable area of Turtle Creek Dallas is small, with much of the space being taken up by the parks and other city owned areas. This gives more of a feeling of privacy. There are primarily mid-rises here with private entrances that tend to not have street access.

Turtle Creek Dallas is an established section of Dallas that borders Uptown Dallas, along with all that Uptown Dallas has to offer. Rents are less expensive here than they are in Uptown Dallas, which gives professionals more choices as far as places to live are concerned.
There is a lot of green space here in Turtle Creek Dallas, with numerous parks, Turtle Creek itself as well as access to the Katy Trail. Turtle Creek Dallas is very jogger and pet-friendly, too, and is quieter overall than some places in Uptown Dallas. There isn’t near the restaurant, bars or nightlife here that Uptown Dallas offers, but it is close enough to Uptown Dallas that most people choose Turtle Creek Dallas for its quiet nights yet travel the short distance to Uptown Dallas, the West Village and McKinney Avenue for their dining and entertainment needs.

Turtle Creek Dallas is beautiful, with its tree-lined avenues and stately high-rise atmosphere. It is home to many high-end professionals which is obvious when you drive through the area. You see lots of beautiful buildings, luxury cars and apartment buildings as well as people walking from place to place. Turtle Creek Dallas is also home to one of Dallas’ most famous five-star resorts, the Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek Dallas. There are luxury living accommodations in and around the Mansion that are very beautiful and picturesque. If quiet, high-end living spaces are what you are looking for, you will most likely love this area. Turtle Creek Dallas address is highly desirable as far as Dallas properties are concerned, and are a stone’s throw away from the high-energy buzz that Uptown Dallas is famous for.

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