Why Texas A&M Aggie Grads LOVE Uptown Dallas!

Texas A&M Aggies Love Uptown Dallas

Welcome Texas A&M Aggie grads. Gig ’em!

If you are going to be moving to Dallas for your new career position, I want to mention a terrific area for you to consider for your new apartment: That would be Uptown Dallas, located just directly north of Downtown Dallas.  It is a perfect place to begin your new life here, and will give you so many advantages to you.  Let me share a few of the reasons for considering Uptown Dallas:

1. #1 SINGLE PROFESSIONAL AREA IN DALLAS – Uptown Dallas is the undisputed most popular hot spot area in Dallas for young professionals. It is literally packed with single professionals who are like you, about to graduate or recently graduating. You will have many opportunities to make colleague connections and friends in this unique area with other recent graduates.

2. WALK TO LIFESTYLE – Uptown Dallas has the most connected life in Dallas in terms of being able to quickly WALK to most, if not all, of your needs. Uptown has 3 grocery stores, gyms, shops, restaurants and the famous night spots as well.  You can take a FREE Uptown Dallas Trolley throughout Uptown Dallas as well, getting to just about any part of it in a few minutes at no cost.   And, if you work downtown, instead of paying Downtown Dallas parking fees, simply take the free Uptown Trolley to work, and pay NO fees.  In Uptown Dallas, your car is OPTIONAL, not truly needed.

3. EXERCISE – Get your exercise all around the area easily.  First, you have the Katy Trail here.  That is an amazing walking trail that goes 4 miles. You get on it, and forget the world…and also meet plenty of friends there too.  Second, there are just so many pockets of neighborhoods here you could go for a jog…and you will have green trees and great landscaping all around you.  Plus, most of the Uptown Dallas Apartments here have great gyms that are included.

4. SAFETY – Uptown Dallas is a super safe area to live overall. You really can walk around at night to restaurants, shops and more, and just feel safe here.  This just isn’t true about many parts of Dallas. But, in Uptown Dallas, it really is!
5. AGGIE FOOTBALL – When September rolls around, there are plenty of options to enjoy here for watching games! Great sports bars and other avenues love hosting Aggies.  And, there is the Dallas A&M Club has their watch party right in Uptown off of Cedar Springs.

6. ROOMMATE MATCH – Need a roommate for the area?  We have an online private FB group to help. How about matching up with another Aggie to double your fun?? 🙂

Now that you have the reasons for moving to Uptown Dallas, let me tell you a little more that can help you.  We have a special service that Aggies can use and it will save you a LOT of money and time…and we are the ONLY place that has it!  Basically, you can give us a move in date and a budget.  Then, we will send you DAILY alerts when Uptown Dallas apartments become available that meet your budget…even up to 180 days in advance!  This will save you time, save you money, and eliminate your stress!  Basically, you can give us your requirements, then sit back and relax, and be notified when something becomes available that fits!  It’s that easy.

Ready to get some pricing and availability sent? Just send us your information here to get started.   Signup: Text UPTOWN to 31996 or  Uptown Search 

Again, welcome to Dallas. I look forward to hearing from you soon, my friends!