Pricing, Availability and Information Disclaimer – Please read carefully 

One of the things that you should definitely know about finding a residence in Uptown is that apartment prices are never static.  It’s not like in college where the pricing would be the same for 6-12 months.  Literally prices change DAILY.

Most of the apartments are doing two things:
constantly “scanning the environment”…calling other competitor properties to see what their “comps” are and also checking to see if competitors have any specials. They use software and AI to do it.
monitoring their own availability as well, including how many units of a particular floorplan that they have not leased

Most properties take a combination of both of these factors and establish their pricing EACH WEEK. New general pricing and specials for a community comes out typically on Tuesday or Wednesdays.

In addition, if several of the same floorplan have been leased in a week, apartments will raise the prices on the remaining availability, due to demand being greater than supply. Especially in more popular summer months, apartments get leased VERY quickly.

Pricing: That same pricing can change literally the next day, even the same HOUR in some cases. So, as you are considering an option, you should realize that the price is really only good  at the moment you heard from the leasing agent. It can and does change all the time. Pricing is only guaranteed at the exact time that you receive a quote online or in person from a leasing agent, and can and does change all the time.

Availability: Also, if you have been told that a certain apartment is available, but you do not move forward with getting approved to lease the apartment, that apartment can be leased immediately either in person or ONLINE (at any time) by someone else.
Many apartments actually have their precise availability online. However, the availability is usually from the day before, because typically availability is updated during the wee hours of the morning (think midnight), once a day.
So, the availability still needs to be confirmed by talking to a leasing agent, even if you see something available online.

Information: Information that we send is dependent on the accuracy of the information from the leasing agent. We are unable to guarantee accuracy of the information. Further, the information can change at any time.

Holding: Apartment leasing agents are typically not allowed to “hold” an apartment for anyone. The only way to truly “hold” an apartment is to apply for it (either online or in person) and pay the fees and deposits that they require.

So, the bottom line is thisPricing and availability and information for the apartment you are interested in can change literally at any minute of the day.  Don’t be too hard on a leasing agent if you see a different price the next day…they are just doing their job.   To deal with this: The best strategy is to apply for a residence the same day of your quote, and also to verify with the leasing agent that this property is still available.

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