Interning in Downtown Dallas


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Just a few RANDOM thoughts to help you if you are going to intern here in Downtown Dallas this summer…email me if any more questions. I want your summer to be amazing so you will come back for good!
Overall: Downtown Dallas is generally very safe.
But, you will want to go to UPTOWN and have fun, that’s where the young professionals hang. Then, when you come back next year, I will help you get a great place there or you can stay in Downtown.   and (that’s our site here)
Public transportation: You can use the Dart Rail that runs throughout downtown. Easy.   And, bus lines connect to the Dart Rail.
Local secret: We have a FREE TROLLEY system.    That trolley will take you for free to UPTOWN (mentioned above).

Does everybody have an accent here? NOPE, yall! J  But, you might pick up one while you are here!

Groceries: Use the trolley to go to Uptown and buy groceries there. There are 2 places right on McKinney Avenue and the trolley stops at both.

Unfurnished apts – this is what is typically included.

  • Fridge, stove (so you can save money and fix meals sometimes at home…)
  • Community amenities (gym)
  • Free coffee in the morning typically!
  • Free social events each month
  • Washer/dryer connections
  • Parking is either free or very cheap typically (this is a big deal in downtown!)

What is NOT included in unfurnished apartments:  (get these at nearby Walmart)

  • Sofa (might want to get this used, or cheap from Target)
  • Bed/sheets
  • Dishes
  • Towels

MUST SIGN UP FOR EVENT to MEET PEOPLE IN DALLAS:  How would you like to go to one event where you can get to know 5,000 people that are primarily young professionals?
Sign up like today. It will sell out quick.  Always does every year.  Most of the runners live in uptown dallas  or downtown dallas and are with exciting firms .