Uptown Dallas Trolley – Now Truly Extends to Downtown Dallas

McKinney Avenue Trolley

The Uptown Dallas trolley has made it even more easy and fun to live in Uptown Dallas.   You can now take the Uptown Dallas trolley to just about the mid part of Downtown Dallas.  BRAVO, McKinney Avenue Transit Authority!

What This Means for Uptown Dallas Residents
It really is now easy and safe to work in Downtown Dallas and live in Uptown, without a car needed!  The previous path to Downtown Dallas would drop off almost just at the top of Downtown. This meant typically a trek of several blocks to catch the trolley from work, depending on your location in downtown Dallas.

But, with the Trolley extending much further south, it really almost goes to the DOORSTEP of many downtown employer businesses. If you work for AT&T Dallas, Deloitte Dallas, PWC Dallas and many other downtown dallas employers, it really opens up your options.
And, what else does it mean? NO monthly parking fees!  Live in Uptown, work in Downtown, without a parking space needed. Now, there’s a cause to celebrate!