Uptown Dallas Playing Cards – From Uptown101

Uptown Dallas Playing Cards

Uptown Dallas Playing Cards – Free for Young Professionals Moving to Dallas!

Hi and welcome to Dallas!  If you are moving to Dallas in the next 12 months, we’d like to invite you to receive a free Uptown Dallas  Playing Cards deck!  This specially designed playing card deck contains 54 of the best features and places in Uptown.

You can use this deck for any standard card game and to get to know Uptown Dallas, including great features such as: The West Village, Victory Park, the free Uptown Trolley, Breadwinners, and more!

Best news of all: If you are graduating in the next 12 months and moving to Uptown, you will receive this deck FREE. Use the form below to request your FREE deck!  Note: These cards are not for sale. The quantity is limited.

Use the form below to sign up for the free Uptown cards and our free apartment service.

Our 100% Free-to-You Service to find your perfect apartment in Uptown or nearby areas (Lower Greenville, Knox Henderson, Deep Ellum, etc).  Our free, quick service will save you hours of time and remove your stress.  Free Signup: HERE 

When you apply, you will also receive a free $100 Amazon card as well as a thank you for using our free service.

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