Do THIS, not THAT –Three Keys to Choose Between Uptown Apartments Dallas
Are you moving to the Dallas area? And, are you a professional that wants to be around a lot of other professionals, in a convenient and fun walk to everything type of area?  Then, you are looking in the right place: Uptown Dallas!

I want you to help you get to an incredible lifestyle that is found in Uptown Dallas. If you take my advice, you are on your way to making a lot of new friends.  And having an incredibly convenient life.

1: Location – Choose Wisely

First of all, location is everything in Uptown Dallas!  If you have visited Uptown Dallas previously, even as little as a year ago, you need to know that things have rapidly changed in Uptown Dallas.  Most out of towners or non-residents think of Uptown Dallas as the bars on McKinney Avenue.  What they are talking about are a stretch of about 2 blocks in Southern Uptown Dallas, around the Boll Avenue cross section.   That is a great section of night clubs, and many have been around for several years.   This area is popular during the NIGHT primarily.

But, many people don’t realize that this is the older section of Uptown Dallas, the section with the least growth lately. Newer sections of Uptown Dallas have developed more rapidly and this is where the Uptown Dallas population is shifting.  The growth and popularity of the areas are going more towards the expanding West Village in the North part of Uptown, and the Katy Trail on the West border.  That is where the newer restaurants, night clubs and attractions are being developed.

  • Do THIS:  As you are choosing from the Uptown Apartments Dallas, take a close look at how many of the major Uptown Dallas attractions are nearby.  Most popular things to be close to are West Village, Katy Trail and Uptown Dallas Trolley. Those things are the most popular for every day life in Uptown Dallas.
  • NOT That: Don’t choose a place just because it’s close to a single attraction, night club, etc.

2. Walking Distance Close Means a Better Social Life
Second of all, the closer you can be in QUICK walking distance, the better your social life will be.   I’ve already mentioned the biggest attractions of Uptown Dallas:  West Village, Katy Trail, Uptown Dallas Trolley.

FYI, a note about The Uptown Dallas Trolley: The Trolley is a huge key to a great life in Uptown Dallas.  Using that, you can live in a section that is more popular during the day and night, but still take it to the sections along McKinney Avenue or downtown Dallas that are night attractions. It means you don’t have to choose between sections…you can have the best of both!

Now, to my point. I’d check out not only what MAJOR attractions of Uptown Dallas are nearby. I would also check out HOW QUICKLY you can walk to the major attractions.   Major attractions? Here is a quick list:

  • West Village Dallas (West Village is in the north most point of Uptown)
  • Katy Trail (West Side of Uptown Dallas)
  • Uptown Dallas Trolley (goes from north to south Uptown on McKinney Avenue)
  • Night clubs (scattered throughout Uptown, but also a cluster on Boll/McKinney)
  • Grocery stores (the best 2 are in north uptown in the West Village section)

There might be other things you want to be close walking distance as well.  I would add those into the mix too.

  • Do THIS:  As you are choosing from the Uptown Apartments Dallas, can you get to the things that are important to you within 7 minutes walking?  That’s what is going to be easiest to enjoy
  • NOT That: Don’t choose a place based on hype.  Do just a little research instead.


3. Off McKinney Avenue vs. On McKinney?
When choosing between Uptown Apartments Dallas, it’s easy to think that you might want to get an apartment that is right on McKinney Avenue Dallas.  There are a lot of attractions that are directly on McKinney Avenue, including the West Village, the popular strip of restaurants/clubs south of the West Village, Boll street nightclubs and more.  And, the Uptown Trolley is on McKinney Avenue.

Being right on McKinney Avenue makes sense if you are visiting from out of town, and you want to be close to a certain restaurant or night club…you want to be close in parking and not have to pay extra for parking. If you have had a bit to drink, you don’t want to be far from your car either to keep yourself safe!

But, once you start thinking about a permanent residence here, you may want to rethink this.  That’s because tourists are always visiting places that are RIGHT ON McKinney Avenue!  These aren’t people you are going to be meeting and making friends with…in fact, they may be people that will end up taking your parking spots when they can’t find any on McKinney Avenue!  And, they can be loud when they have had too much to drink!

Smarter residents of Uptown Dallas often choose to be a bit off McKinney instead, typically.  I’m not talking about being 12 minutes walking distance. But, if you locate just a block or so off McKinney, within 3 minutes walking distance, you get these advantages:

  • Parking is better for you (and tourists aren’t stealing your spots!)
  • Parking is better for your guests too!
  • Quickly get to the fun of Uptown Dallas at anytime…and you can LEAVE it anytime too (and get sleep at night)
  • Avoid Theft: Theft is another consideration for not locating on McKinney Avenue.  Car break-ins, etc. may more often happen to cars located on McKinney Avenue than off.

So, as you are thinking of your location and choosing from Uptown Apartments Dallas, think about these things.

  • Do THIS:  Choose an apartment that is just OFF McKinney Avenue typically, within 3 minutes walking distance to McKinney Avenue
  • NOT That: Don’t choose an apartment that is right on McKinney Avenue (with a few exceptions)


We’ve given you some true INSIDER keys of how to choose from Uptown Apartments Dallas.  If you follow this advice, you are well on your way to a great apartment in Uptown Dallas!

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