Uptown Dallas Apartments | Insider Guide Pt 5: Best Time to Search

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I Don’t Start Working for a While. When Should I Begin My Search for

The sooner the better, especially this year.  Normally there is more plentiful availability in Uptown due to residents moving to other cities, purchasing homes, etc…  This year, that is not the case.  Dallas is in the top 5 national hot spots to live and employees know it. Thus, they are not only retaining all of their employees in these areas, but new employees are moving here from other cities.  Thus, our supply of good housing is much lower than in the past.  This has created much lower availability for desirable living spaces. This is making it more of a competitive factor to obtain excellent housing.  This is also driving up the costs of housing.
Traditionally, rent tends to rise in the summer anyway. It’s just a cyclical norm in Dallas and Houston.  However, due to residents coming (and the current residents staying), we have been seeing rents increase sooner than normal, and prices also rising more quickly than normal.

Thus, we are recommending that you begin your search as soon as possible to obtain excellent housing and to obtain the best pricing possible.

NOTICE TIME – Uptown Dallas apartments

Most Uptown Dallas apartments operate on a 60 – 90 day notice.  Notices to vacate are not given just at the first of the month, fyi. They can be given at any time.   That means that generally you will see the best availability and pricing choices if you make your decision on a place 60 – 90 days in advance of when you want your lease to startThat means the actual decision process for selecting should begin even before that.  We can help with providing you research and consulting on the area, along with researching and making recommendations on specific choices that best meet your needs well in advance.
Example time line:

  • New position start date: September 1
  • Best time to decide on place for maximum availability: June 1 – July 1 (based on working back on a 60 – 90 day notice)
  • Start research: May 1 or asap

Note: We know our clients don’t always have quite that luxury of time to make a decision.  We will absolutely work with your time frame and find the best fit for you no matter what your time frame is.


Need help now?  We look far in advance to get you the best available apartments that fit your budget and move in date. Reach out to us now using our Contact Form.  Or simply Text UPTOWN to 31996.  Talk to you soon!