Post Square Apartments – INSIDER REVIEW

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Post Square apartments has a super location in Uptown Dallas to live. The great location, and the easy way that you can make friends here, is a compelling reason to investigate this 4 story mid-rise apartment. It’s right on McKinney Avenue, which automatically adds a lot of life and action.

Walking up to the Post Square apartments also just feels good. What really contributes to this is the several restaurants that are housed on the first floor of the building, with great patios…and people taking advantage of it. It’s a great place to meet business colleagues or friends, to enjoy the patio environment here. And, of course, Starbucks…now that’s a huge plus! Add in a couple of great features like the Postal Center and nearby Trophy Club Fitness, and this starts to super convenient.

Post Square apartments is just about right in the middle of Uptown Dallas as well. You are close to the important attractions of Uptown Dallas as follows:

  • Uptown Trolley – It passes right by the Post Square apartments! This is a huge plus for this location, because you can take the free trolley to any other spot in Uptown Dallas (and to the other attractions in Uptown Dallas below), conveniently, almost right outside your door.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – What I really liked about the location is that it is super close to the biggest cluster of night clubs in Uptown Dallas (on McKinney between Routh and Boll). You can quickly walk to these, but you are not too close and can avoid any night noise or carrying on.
  • Breadwinner’s Section – You are about 7 minutes or so walking distance from the cluster of restaurants and night spots at McKinney and Hall. Places like Breadwinner’s and Primo’s and Quarter Bar make for a great mix of places to have fun at brunch, dinner and for later.
  • West Village – it is about 12 minutes to walk to the West Village.
  • Katy Trail – It’s about 6 minutes walking to the closest connection at Sneed and Carlisle.

Once you get to this section of Uptown Dallas, the only negative is that you are not near any of the grocery stores for walking distance. The north section of Uptown Dallas has the Albertson’s and the Kroger Signature store, along with the monthly farmers market. I wish these were closer, but it’s hard to have all you want!


The look/feel of Post Square is compelling, inviting and far-sighted, especially the outer and building structure design. The outer building has an Austin stone look, which gives a classy feel. Also, the 4 story mid-rise means that you have a more secure feeling with no street access to apartments…all residents go through an electric gate or parking garage entrance that are controlled by an electronic key.

On the social design/features, Post Square apartments gets it right, in a big way. Some not as obvious design features of the building make it super easy to meet your neighbors, such the primary garage entrance and primary walk in door to the building. And, of course, the built in Starbucks and Fratelli’s and other retail make things very convenient!

Post Square apartments also has a multi-property monthly social event, which is super smart of Post and helpful to meeting many other new people in Uptown Dallas. They usually hold these events off site as well, so you can get to know a new restaurants or night spot in Uptown Dallas. Think: Easy way to meet people!

Post also publishes an events monthly newsletter, which makes it even easier to connect to other new parts of Uptown Dallas.

Who lives here? Professionals from the Big 4 accounting firms (PWC Dallas, Ernst & Young Dallas, Deloitte Dallas, etc.) and other downtown professionals live here, as well as others who want a medium priced Uptown Dallas value.



Post Square apartments start out right in that the hallways are secured and entrance to your door is protected by key fob access. The hallways felt a little too dim, I wish they were a little brighter. Outside of the apartment is a beautiful apartment number plaque…it’s just a lot nicer than normal, so it stood out when we toured! (Doesn’t take much to please some people!)

The apartment itself is clean and has all of the features you would need to live well. The layout was also attractive, including an open living room, decent amount of kitchen space and bedroom space, etc.

Features included felt a bit basic and didn’t match what other apartments in Uptown Dallas would have, such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, higher end appliances, etc. I was also disappointed by the lack of a washer/dryer in the unit. However, Post Square apartments do have public laundry rooms on each floor, to help make it a little easier.

The Post Square apartment also felt a little dark. A little better middle of the room lighting would be a huge help to make this apartment feel warmer.



Post Square apartments has a good mix of amenities overall. They included some ones we weren’t expecting, but left out a couple that I wish they hadn’t. Again, overall it was fine and they get the basics RIGHT.

Post Square apartments has a moderate sized but pleasing pool. Definitely enough to tan and socialize…that’s the primary purpose of this pool. Post Square apartments also has a party room, but I get the feeling it may not be used much.

Post Square apartments has a great parking garage where spots are included for free to all residents that are on the lease. So, even if you have 2 residents in a one bedroom apartment, you both get a space. This is very nice and not always the case with other residences in Uptown Dallas. Where they need to get better is guest parking. Although they do have the first floor of their garage devoted to this, a guest has to pay for any time over 2 hours that they park (meaning overnight guests are going to have to pay to park). There are options outside of the apartment that are available as well, but they are not plentiful.

Post Square could do better for helping make Spot’s life easier. There are not interior dog runs, but there IS a small spot in the courtyard designated as “dog friendly”, with a pet supply station. Outside there isn’t much grass quickly available, but there are spots available in reasonably quick walking distance.

A couple of other great features:

  • Guest room for rent: Post Square apartments makes available a great guest room at their sister property the Worthington available for rent. This is perfect for relatives and friends, and will help you keep to a smaller residence if you only need housing for yourself and occasional guests.
  • Downtown views! Even though this isn’t a high rise, you can rent some of the residences on the 3rd and 4th floors and have some downtown views. This is rare and very nice!

Post didn’t have some of the little “nice to haves” we hoped, such as an onsite ATM or movie rental, either, but we don’t consider these as huge. I keep telling myself “get over it”.



Post Square apartments is a great place to consider if you want to be in a very convenient location to get to know Uptown Dallas and meet people. Post Square’s building retail and design features also make it easy, along with their monthly well attended socials of multiple communities. Some of us enjoy some of the higher end features inside an apartment, while some of us don’t really care. If you are in the second category, then give a look at Post Square and you might love it!

Note: Sometimes the price is a little higher than we expected for the value. I would be patient and shop a while for the best price well in advance here to get the best value.

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