If you want the “living over shops of a neighborhood” lifestyle, without being having TOO much busy activity under you, the West Village Uptown apartments might be a good consideration. The apartment is located right across the street from the very busy and popular West Village shopping center in Uptown Dallas. The West Village is definitely the busiest portion of Uptown Dallas.

The West Village Uptown location is just a few yards west of the intersection of Blackburn and McKinney Avenue, with McKinney Avenue being the main street of Uptown. The location is just about the most north point of Uptown Dallas.

You can take Blackburn east a short block and then be on the highway (75/central) to go either north to North Dallas or Richardson, or south in a few minutes to Downtown Dallas. You can also take Blackburn west and take advantage of a shorter access out to the North Dallas Tollway than if you were located more south in McKinney Avenue. It gives you a definite advantage to be located more in the North portion of Uptown for that quicker access.

The apartment building is technically considered part of the West Village shopping center across the street. And, yes, there are definitely shops under it. But, unlike the West Village, they are more of “day to early evening” shops, with little late night activity. Think of yogurt places, lunch/early dinner places, boutiques, etc. Pretty much closed up by 10 or earlier. Translation: You can quickly walk across the street and get to the night life of the West Village and McKinney Avenue, but also get sleep at night back at home!

Now, let’s explore the walkability aspect for the West Village Uptown. As we always mention when we discuss an apartment building for you, we always recommend you check not only the building and amenities, but also to check the location within Uptown Dallas. That means checking how close you would be to the 4 KEY FEATURES of Uptown Dallas. These are your answers:

  • West Village – This location is directly a part of the West Village. Easy, peasy!
  • Uptown Trolley – The free Uptown Trolley is accessed within one minute by crossing the street and catching it at McKinney and Blackburn. You can see the trolley coming from outside the window if your apartment faces the street here.
  • Katy Trail – The location is oh so close. Simply head down west on Blackburn about 3 or 4 minutes walking distance to the West Village entrance on Blackburn. You don’t have to even cross the main street…just take a right from the main entrance of the West Village Uptown apartments and head west.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – There are a good amount of clubs inside and in walking distance to the West Village. Some of the longer term traditional are more south on McKinney Avenue. Think Black Friar, etc. You need to drive to these, they can’t be walked to.

Need Groceries? The location is pretty good for walking to them. Walk down McKinney Avenue to Albertson’s about 5 minutes south. Or, walk EAST past 75/Central, just on the other side, and you are at the Kroger Signature Store. I have to say, this is one of the best organic produce sections I have seen in something that is not “Whole Foods”, etc. This might do the trick nicely for your needs, and it is state grown.


The West Village Uptown apartments is a five story mid-rise that has a light, fun buzz all around it. As mentioned, it helps a lot that it is right across the street from the West Village main block. And, it also helps that it has several cute and fun places to shop and eat directly connected. For example, grabbing a colorful cup of yogurt at Pinkberry…makes me almost want to say Yumilicious! J Or, the PD Dog Day Deli, for a quick lunch bit or a quick dinner pick up meal when too tired or lazy to cook.

My point is, I like that it has not only the more “exciting” choices across the street, like boutiques, night clubs, etc….but it also has more “normal” type places to enjoy that don’t break the bank and make life more convenient. (I need to also mention Sip Stir…a coffee bar here too, mega popular with those in walking distance.)

People watching? Man, you can get enjoy that just about any time you want. Whether it is just enjoying a view from across the street to the west village, or going to sit at the Mi Cocina, Village Burger or more at the West Village, there is plenty to see and be around.

The West Village Uptown apartments also makes it a little easier for you by providing monthly socials for residents at typically nearby locations (like the West Village…surprise!). This property is also a sister property of 2 nearby walking distance properties in the West Village, so you get to go to the monthly socials with three properties, not just one. Makes for more fun that way!

If you are looking to make friends quickly but still have some sleep at night, I think you might enjoy this general location. But, now, let’s explore the finer details…



The West Village Uptown apartments actually consist of 2 separate buildings. They are directly connected by a pool level that runs in between them. Kind of cool touch there. Each building is not very large and there are not many apartments in each building (75 units total for both buildings).

When you enter the apartment, you will see a definite “soft loft” style. All of the apartments are going to have hardwood floors, granite countertops, and bright looking kitchens. Speaking of kitchens, I like the amount of cabinet space available, and I also like the kitchen island present. Add some bar stools and you have a quick conversation and dinner area anytime.

The apartments tend to be big enough to accommodate what you need for furniture and have an open feel to give you options for placement. For example, the living/dining room will make it easier to fit larger couches or sets. The bedroom would definitely fit a queen and possibly a king bed. The closets are plenty big as well.

As I mentioned, you will see hardwood floors in the entrance, and in the kitchen and living room. The bedroom will have a muted style carpet, and the bathroom will have a larger light tile. The closet will be carpeted. Important: A washer/dryer IS included, nice!

We always like to point out the weaknesses as we see them, so you can get the full picture. These may be pluses to some people, so take them with a grain of salt. So, here goes:

  • Open Ceiling Loft style – On some of the one bedrooms, there is an open loft style at the ceiling. To describe this, think of the bedroom wall going up about 8 feet and then capping off, instead of going all the way up to 10 feet to the ceiling. This is to give you a loft feel. Some will like, some may not like as much.
  • Patio/Balcony not standard – With this kind of location, and all of the great people watching, you always have a good view. But, it would help a lot if the apartments here made balconies standard in all units. Note: There ARE some units with balconies…just not the majority of them.
  • Stand up Shower not included – Call me spoiled. I just like not having to step over a 3 foot ledge to take a shower. And I like to close the door and keep the water in, for easier clean up. They have the traditional garden tub shower. It’s not bad, but again, I just like stand up showers.



Amenities are the weakest point of the West Village Uptown apartments. They still exist, but they are more a minimum of amenities, than a strong selling feature.

Let’s take a quick run down by starting with the amenity strengths:

  • Hallways Climate Controlled and Secured– To enter the West Village Uptown apartments, you must enter through the front door or a back door. Both are key fob controlled, so only residents should have a key. And, the hallways and elevators are air conditioned or heated, so you once you enter the building, you have a comfortable time entering.
  • Elevators – Elevators are nice for carrying groceries.
  • Parking Garage INCLUDED, no charge – A private parking garage spot is included for each resident on the lease, no extra charge.
  • Free Overnight Parking for Guests – for being in the busy West Village area, this is important to have, and the West Village Uptown apartments currently provides it.


Now, let’s look at the weaknesses:

Small Gym – The gym is almost an afterthought. It contains about 3 treadmills and a few dumbbells. Join a local gym.

Small Pool – The terrace pool is actually kind of cool and I like how it overlooks the West Village. Since it is the only in building connector to both buildings, it also has a lot of activity, at least in people going back and forth. But, even with only 75 units here, it is still a little too small.

Yipe for Fido – There is not any interior space (dog run) in either building. Best bet is a quick stretch out to the back of the building, where it directly connects ALMOST to COLE PARK. (Nice park to enjoy, fyi). You can walk your dog along the streets outside as well, just be prepared to clean up. This is also not a place to have a large pet.



The West Village Uptown apartments is nice fit for people that want to enjoy a more active social scene without getting overwhelmed with constant busyness. Since it is across the street from the West Village main section, there is always a lot to walk to and enjoy, both during the day and at night. The residence is a soft loft style that has hardwoods and granite and open spaces. The amenities are lacking in some places, but not in key major areas such as safety. The apartment social activities, along with the natural location, will give a boost to you to meet people in Uptown.

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