L Two Uptown Dallas Apartments – Insider REVIEW


Driving up to the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments brings you just about a very short block behind McKinney Avenue, near one of the 3 most active blocks of McKinney Avenue. The location is just about perfect, because you have quick walking access to many restaurants, but it is separated enough that you have greenery and trees around, for a real neighborhood feel.

I was struck by how excellent the location is for just about any lifestyle speed.

The location is closest to the West Village area, which includes Breadwinners, Primos, Urban Taco and more. It is also right next to some amazingly enticing and cool newer attractions that are not your typical Uptown Dallas attractions.

Manny’s Uptown (Tex Mex) is right across the street. They have a perfect patio with plenty of outdoor seating in an almost house like building. It is so close it feels like an extension of the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments.

On the opposite corner is Mutt’s, which has quickly become the de facto place to take your dog for day camp in Uptown Dallas. (And, of course, to enjoy lunch with your dog right on site.) Throw in the Rustic Bar about ½ block away and you have a casual burger place that is the only place in Uptown Dallas that has LIVE MUSIC…hard to believe, but true!

Being able to walk to as much as possible in Uptown Dallas means everything. So, let me give you a quick rundown of the walking access to key Uptown Dallas attractions:

  • Uptown Trolley – It is 5 minutes to a pickup spot of the free Uptown Trolley to give you quick access to all of Uptown Dallas.
  • Katy Trail – This location is about 9 minutes to the Katy Trail.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – This location is not walkable to the cluster of night clubs in mid McKinney, but it is a super quick few minutes drive.
  • West Village – You can take a side street and be about 5 minutes from the West Village!

You can also quickly walk to the Minyard’s grocery store about 5 minutes away, and a Walgreens with convenience store and pharmacy. This is a superb location!



The L Two Uptown Dallas apartments’ building structure and feel will remind you of an intimate resort in California or the Virgin Islands. The amazingly tall ceilings and amount of light in the design gives a very open feel. The focus on white and lighter colors everywhere just made me feel like relaxing and taking it easy…and full of energy. I kept expecting to be able to walk out on to a beach in the next room!

The sheer amount of amenities, and the amount of space devoted to them at the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments, will make you instantly aware that the designers wanted to create a true resort environment. This is often promised by residences, but seldom delivered on. Not in this case.

I also examined factors at the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments that would help lead to a social lifestyle for yourself, and in getting to know your neighbors. They get so many things right! They have monthly events held off property in a location in Uptown Dallas. They also have on site activities every 2 weeks. Further, the just about perfect pool, the huge business amenity center, yoga room, spin room…the amenities will give you plenty of opportunities to meet neighbors.

They also had things I like to see, like common mail room areas, primary entrance/exit, etc…things that will make sure you get to see others and make friends.

Huge plus: I loved that they have an onsite dog adoption and grooming event, perfect way to meet others!



The apartment is secured in every way, from the elevator, the parking garage and the hallways. After stepping off of the elevator, you access your apartment through a secured, carpeted hallway that is light and had a very serene, high end hotel feel (and was perfectly cooled). Carpet colors were also muted and tasteful.

When you open the door to the apartment, it will be hard to not get a huge smile on your face. It is like the design and color combination lifts your mood and makes you feel very “at home”.

The floors are a hand scraped higher end dark hardwood. The granite countertops and stainless steel appliances that are often expected were of course there. But then there were the over the top features…

  • The ceilings seemed to be 12 feet tall even though the website says 10 feet.
  • The kitchen had a light bright feel and opened perfectly to the living and dining area with ease and flair.
  • I loved the subway tile under the cabinets. I also surprisingly loved the odd shaped island that could easily hold many chairs…this would be a perfect focal point for parties and get-togethers
  • The walk in closets would be rentable apartments in Manhattan
  • The rectangular tiles in the bathroom…have never seen something this stylish in an apartment bathroom. They were 12 x 24 long and the colors were sumptuous.
  • I kept hoping that they would provide complimentary cookie dough so I could try out the very tempting Whirlpool Accubake electric oven. Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be….at least for that day.

This is a warm, inviting and near perfect apartment. The only thing that might make this even more perfect would be a programmable thermostat…and a washer/dryer included. With the attention to detail in so many areas, I was a bit surprised that this wasn’t in place. But I was too busy smiling at everything else to care much.



What was obvious from the beginning was that there was a very well thought out plan with the lifestyle amenities to be present at the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments. A long list of amenities don’t necessarily make or break an apartment in Uptown Dallas. However, at the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments the amenities were far from an afterthought…they felt like a natural extension of the apartment, flowing perfectly with the seaside resort design and feel, and vice versa. The amenities very naturally flow as an important part of the overall lifestyle and feel of the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments.

We first visited the indoor luxurious common room with a business amenity section. This has to be the largest type of room I have ever seen, with so many ways for enjoying the time with guests. The free coffee and other drinks were a nice plus and addition.

We moved to the indoor common area and kitchen that seemed to flow perfectly to the outdoor section. Literally everywhere I looked I was seeing light and bright colors inside with enormous windows and sunlight streaming everywhere. The outdoor areas also flowed smoothly between covered areas with endless amount of chairs and big screen tvs. Then, they led to the pool areas, 2 of them. One of them was a wonderful row of chairs in a rectangular, shallow pool. The other was a large pool that was meant more for lounging even though it had plenty of room. And the water seemed to be the most perfect blue color I’ve seen. Again, chairs were everywhere. I also loved the covered patio areas and the large circular chairs, along with the many fountains.

Love this design: At the pool area, when it rains, the rain water goes through specially designed grooves to flow downward into a special reservoir. The water is then recycled. And, yes, the apartment is LEED certified, so you can enjoy a greener environment.

With the indoor fitness center, it felt like a mini LA Fitness. It was housed in a vaulted 2 story (probably 30 feet tall) excellent sized facility. The bikes and treadmills had the perfect tvs and radio stations all ready to hear through your phone. The upstairs SPIN room and YOGA room blew me away…not with the size necessarily, but with the fact that they had perfect equipment, excellent design and looked over the bottom floor through walls of glass.

There was of course garage parking included at no charge with controlled access through electronic key fobs as well. One feature which would have been a welcome addition would have been the ability to drive straight to your floor. Guests have about 20 spaces on the first floor before gate entry.



I try as much as possible to present an accurate picture of what I see as the strengths and issues of an apartment that I visit. I find myself hard pressed to find anything but very minor flaws with this delicious and vibrant residence. I feel that the L Two Uptown Dallas apartments would be the perfect haven for those that want a well-designed apartment with a resort feel, but without any of the pretentious qualities. I think living here would be like being on a long, well deserved vacation or respite from lengthy travels. Management consultants and other road warriors…take careful note.

The L Two Uptown Dallas apartments delivers an amazingly resort style feel inside both their warm inviting apartments, and their spectacular, flowing amenities. Couple that with perhaps the perfect combination of green space and a gamut of options for fun within a block, and you have what is a perfect landing spot for professionals that need a built in life of enjoyment and relaxation to wind down in Uptown Dallas.

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