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The Gables Uptown Trail apartments in Uptown Dallas are located on the edge of Uptown, right next to the Katy Trail. The area is extremely laid back and quiet overall (but with some occasional noise at night from the directly connected Katy Trail Ice House). The feel is very “neighborhood” overall, with many houses and a few small one story office buildings around. The location is not within several blocks of McKinney Avenue, so it is going to naturally be a little quieter.

The Gables Uptown Trail is a good area to get your walking in and enjoy the outdoors. There are plenty of sidewalks all around and more greenery here around than many other residences in Uptown Dallas. There aren’t many retail or businesses around in sight. And, then of course, there is the almost directly connected Katy Trail, on the other side of the Katy Trail Ice House.

The feel of the Gables Uptown Trail area is pretty laid back and newer. There has been a lot of recent construction and newer developments, along with the neighborhood houses that are well maintained (and pricey). This is definitely an area on the rise, and a bit more tucked back, to avoid the crowds.

Getting to Work: This is an extremely convenient location to get to work for either Downtown Dallas or North Dallas/West Plano. This is unlike other parts of Uptown Dallas where you have to deal with some morning rushes on McKinney Avenue. Here at this location, your way is much less congested. You take a simple turn on Cedar Springs and then head directly to Downtown Dallas…in about 5 minutes. If you work in North Dallas or West Plano, or need to get to the DFW airport frequently, you have a very quick access to the North Dallas Tollway using Cedar Springs. You are on the Tollway in a few minutes…and can then zoom to North Dallas, West Plano or the North Dallas Tollway.

Access to the 4 Key Features of Uptown Dallas: For having a convenient and fun life in Uptown Dallas, a huge key is being in QUICK walking access to the 4 Key Features of Uptown Dallas. We think quick access means to be in 7 minutes walking or under. How does the Gables Uptown Trail apartments do in terms of being able to walk to the 4 Key Features of Uptown Dallas?

  • Katy Trail –The Katy Trail (the wonderful semi private running trail that goes through Uptown Dallas) is almost directly connected, right on the other side of the directly connected Katy Trail Ice House. You can be on the trail in 2 minutes walking, it’s right down the street.
  • Uptown Trolley – Being close to the Trolley is important, because it gets you access to the OTHER 3 Features of Uptown. The Gables Uptown Trail apartments are NOT quick walking distance. It is about 5 blocks away and will take you at least 10 minutes to walk.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – For having fun at night, many people like to go to the “super cluster” section of night clubs along McKinney Avenue starting around Boll Street. The Gables Uptown Trail apartments are NOT within quick walking distance, but it can be accessed in about 10 minutes.
  • West Village – The Uptown Trail is on the border of Uptown Dallas, near the most south point of Uptown Dallas. In the NORTH of Uptown, there is the WEST VILLAGE, with so many shops and restaurants, all in a few blocks. The West Village is NOT in walking distance of this apartment. Need to drive to get there, probably will take 5 to 7 minutes.

Walk to Groceries? Nope, not for now. The best bets for getting groceries will be:

  • Minyard’s on McKinney Avenue (8 minutes’ drive)
  • Whole Foods on McKinney
  • Tom Thumb in Victory Park

Overall Location: The location is quieter, yet has many newer renovations and great developments. It has very quick access to downtown or the airport. It also has almost direct access to the Katy Trail. It is not true walking distance to some of the other main features of Uptown (West Village, Boll and McKinney), but these can be driven to quickly.

Now, what about the social scene at the Gables Uptown Trail apartments?


The social scene of the Gables Uptown Trail apartments is great overall. Let me go over some of the details why:

Area is attractive: As I mentioned, the area is beautiful and invites a lot of outdoor activity. You will see people walking around all of the time, enjoying the neighborhood. There is a buzz about the neighborhood.

Restaurants and Clubs in QUICK walking distance: There are NOT as many places in quick walking distance as McKinney Avenue, but there are some super popular places to enjoy. In fact, many of these places are more “insider Uptown Dallas resident” favorites. Places like the Katy Trail Ice House, the Common Table (great food and live music) and several others make this fun to enjoy.

DOWNTOWN: Although this is not in walking distance, it’s really only a few minutes driving…and quite a bit to do. There is the obvious: sports (Mavericks, Stars) and live concerts at the AA Center that is in WALKING distance. You also have Klyde Warren Park, Perot Museum, and the Katy Trail entrance.

Building Setup: The Gables Uptown Trail is a centralized building with all residents in the same complex. And, it offers you many common interaction points for you to meet other neighbors. It has a common mailbox area and a common parking garage, for example. You will have plenty of opportunities to meet others here with the smart building setup.

Monthly Activities: The Gables Uptown Trail apartments has a monthly activity event to help you meet other residents…that’s common for Uptown Dallas. But, they also have other events like breakfasts, etc. And, if they have a happy hour, it is shared by the other sister communities nearby. This is above average for Uptown Dallas, nice job!

Size: The Gables Uptown Trail has 7 stories, and 334 apartments. That is about average, maybe slightly above, for Uptown Dallas apartment complexes. All residents are in a single building, however. That means plenty of opportunities to meet people.

The Amenities: The amenities of Uptown Trail are slightly above average for Uptown Dallas. The interior pool is definitely an attraction, with plenty of seating. I like features like the interior dog park as well. The gym is also newer and nice. Amenities here should help you meet other people.

To sum it up: The location itself is quieter, but there is plenty to quickly walk to so that you can meet people and have fun. The stronger activity schedule will also help you meet other residents.



Style: The style of the Gables Uptown Trail apartments is newer but warm. They don’t try to go modern in their design, even though they do have some excellent creativity in their floor plans. They have some of the expected features in a newer Uptown Dallas apartment (hardwoods, granite) and also tend to have open designs and make good use of space. The apartment seems very inviting and charming overall.

Variety of Floor Plans: They really have a LOT of choices here. There are tiny studios (no bedroom door), and the typical one and two bedrooms. But, they also have three bedroom and even townhome (2 story) plans. Note: The townhomes are not with an attached garage.

STRENGTHS: The Gables Uptown Trail has some nice things about it…here are some:

  • Gorgeous Kitchens – I kind of am a sucker for a great kitchen. The kitchen in the apartment not only has some standard things (great appliances, stainless, great flooring), but they use the space very well. Even in the smaller one bedroom, there is plenty of surface space to cook with. Also, like the nice touch of the opaque glass cabinet doors and the somewhat daring subway tile colors. This kitchen works.
  • Quartz Countertops – They are not the typical granite, but more of a corian looking quartz. They are lighter, and a little different than the norm. Thank you for trying something different. I like it.
  • Bamboo Floors, even in the kitchen – nice enough to have bamboo floors…but when you add in that they extend into the kitchen…even nicer. It just makes the kitchen warmer.
  • Newer appliances – Already mentioned above, but the stainless steel appliances are appreciated.
  • Patios/Balconies INCLUDED – Not always included in Uptown Dallas, but here it is. I like how big the patio is on some of the 2 bedrooms…circular and huge!
  • Washer/dryer INCLUDED – The set is included. Big deal, when you have to rent a set for $40 a month!
  • Plenty of Cabinet Space – Ok, there I go again, talking about the kitchen. But, it really did have a lot!
  • Walk-In Closet space – check! – Enough space, definitely.
  • Room SIZE – good, fits the furniture I need.
  • WIRED FOR SOUND – Maybe my favorite feature overall. Plug in IPOD and feel the flow of the music throughout your apartment. Hit it, Bruno Mars…

Normally I always mention AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT. The Gables Uptown Trail apartments don’t have much to speak of, with the exception of:

  • No walk in showers – In the 1 bedroom, there is the more typical tub/shower combo (think shower rings, curtain). Just so much less convenient than a walk in.
  • Need More Lighting – The lighting could improve in bedrooms in particular. They don’t tend to have bigger windows and the provided lighting is not as bright as it could be.
  • Bedroom a bit bland – The bedroom is fine, but when it compares to the very nice outer parts (kitchen, dining), it could use a little more dressing up.
  • No Gas – Really would like to have a gas oven here.

Overall, the apartment is warm. No major complaints, and many things I like.



The amenities at the Gables Uptown Trail are a bit standard. No major complaints here, but they could use a few improvements.

Let’s take a look at some of the Strengths:

  • Uptown Tails Pet Park – Huge pet lover here. I love my little Pomer. This pet park is not interior (inside the property), but is directly attached to the property, so it will make your pet walking easy. The area is pretty safe too, so no worries with going outside to this.
  • GUEST parking INCLUDED: Entire 5th floor of the parking garage is uncovered, and your overnight guests can park there for free.
  • Controlled Access/Temperature Controlled Hallways – the building is accessible only by an electronic key fob that residents have. The hallways are also carpeted and air conditioned/heated. This SAVES MONEY each month on utility bills. And, of course, helps with safety. Me likey.
  • Really cool Party/Lobby Room – Not a big fan of a party room, but I like this one. It has 20+ feet ceilings, with glass doors, and some FUNK-AY COOL couch and seat areas.
  • Views of Downtown – Even though this isn’t a high rise, 6th and higher floors can see downtown.
  • LEED CERTIFIED – One of the few places in Uptown that is LEED certified. Bronze level. Means lower energy bills each month, and a green focus in design.
  • On site storage – This is rare in Uptown Dallas, but they have it…and it’s reasonably priced, too.

Here are just a few AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT:

  • One Parking Space per Bedroom – There is only one parking space included per bedroom. So, if you share a bedroom, this means someone gets to pay the extra parking fee every month. Awwwww, nuts!
  • GYM – The gym is nice and clean, but it is a bit too small for the building. There are 3 treadmills there and there is some limited free weight equipment. Not an equipment or niceness issue…just a size issue.
  • Pet Fee – It’s $500 per pet. And tack on $10 per month pet rent. Ouch!
  • Amenity Fee – a fee of $15 per month is charged per apartment for the amenities. This is a mandatory fee. This is not large, but most places don’t charge a fee in Uptown (a few do).
  • Pet Rent – They do charge $15 a month for pet rent, per pet. Same as the amenity fee…not a huge amount, but it still is a fee. This is not the norm, but several places in Uptown definitely charge for your pet each month.
  • No little extra frills – The place is a tad set back from things in Uptown. It would help if they made things a little more convenient to compensate, like adding an ATM, Movie Rental box. Big wish list would be a convenience store…

Overall: Amenities are average for Uptown Dallas Apartments.



The Gables Uptown Trail apartments is a newer mid-rise in a lower traffic area of Uptown Dallas. Despite not being close to McKinney Avenue or the West Village, the Gables Uptown Trail apartments has a huge social scene. This is mainly due to a few key places to walk to (Ice House) and the Katy Trail itself. Gables also helps with scheduling a lot of activities. The apartments are enjoyable overall. The amenities are average, but could be larger and better in some ways.

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