Flats at Sawyer – Uptown Dallas Apartments- INSIDER REVIEW

We review the cozy and sooo cute Sawyer Apartments in Uptown Dallas below. It should be on your radar, this place is great! Read more info below!

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Hi and welcome to Uptown Dallas! The Flats at Sawyer Apartments is one of the most convenient locations in Uptown Dallas, if you want to be close walking distance to as much as possible to Uptown attractions. For those who work in downtown or work north of highway 75 (Central), this is a very easy location to access. It has super quick access to drive to 75, in literally about 1 to 2 minutes (which will lead you to downtown Dallas in 5 minutes). It is also conveniently located right next to the Dart Rail station in Uptown that can take you to Downtown Dallas or north to other areas. You can actually see the 75/Central expressway from Flats at Sawyer Apartments.

It is technically part of the West Village Dallas shopping center in Uptown Dallas, but is actually on a newly designed street directly connected, making it a little quieter. People that want to be in the “heart” of things but who want less noise by being right at the West Village will like this location. In addition, even though you aren’t in the busy part of West Village, the apartment entrance is on the same level as several fun restaurants (Grimaldi’s pizza, Cork Wine Bar and several others). It has a very charming, cute feel without hearing or seeing the “early morning” bar scene of other places in Uptown.

A rundown of the WALKING DISTANCE to key Uptown attractions:

  • Uptown Trolley – How about this…the Uptown Trolley is right outside the apartment entrance? And, add to this that the Dart Rail connection (going to Downtown and North to Richardson, etc.) is about 3 minutes walking distance away?
  • Katy Trail – This location is about 5 minutes walking distance to the Katy Trail.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – This location is not walkable to the cluster of night clubs in mid McKinney, but about 5 minutes away driving.
  • West Village – This location is directly inside the West Village, but about 2 minutes walking to the “main” section with most of the shops.

I also like how close it is to walk to one of two grocery stores. The easier one to walk to is Minyard’s on McKinney Avenue. There is also a newer grocery store on Haskell (Kroger).  Although this is a bit farther, the produce is worth it!  And of course, you can hop on the free Trolley and hit Whole Foods on McKinney!


The building is a 5-story mid rise directly integrated into the social scene of the West Village Dallas. Restaurants and other retail are directly connected to it, including the mentioned Grimaldi’s, and one of my favorite places, CORK. (CORK is a great wine bar that allows you to sample small mini shots of wine and has a great ambiance for relaxing.) So, you get “West Village Lite” here, knowing you have restaurants to quickly walk to but that won’t overwhelm you with people that are in the directly connected “West Village Main”.

The brick building of Flats at Sawyer Apartments itself is modern. It was completed in about 2006. Besides the West Village and the Trolley, across the street is the newly constructed West Village 2 shopping center. It is not directly across the street, but it is separated by the Trolley portion and one way streets.

The feel of the Flats at Sawyer Apartments is very comfortable on the outside. It blends so well into the shopping center that you almost miss the inconspicuous entrance, mistaking it for another retail shop. It does not “scream” for attention. I kind of like that!

The inner construction of Flats at Sawyer is such that there is one main entrance from the street, and one set of elevators. This is the type of building that is “controlled access”, so that means you will bump into other residents that that go through these entrances. And, the building itself doesn’t have very many apartments, making this a more intimate type of setting for getting to know fewer residents.

In addition, Flats at Sawyer does have monthly socials with the other 2 nearby properties owned by the same company (Lofts of Sawyer is their sister property). Both of these properties are within walking distance of Flats at Sawyer. Translate this: Make sure to attend the monthly social and you will meet plenty of people!


To enter any of the apartments at Flats at Sawyer apartments, you go through the hallways which are air conditioned/heated (with controlled access). The controlled access means that you have to present your key fob to enter, keeping security higher. As you go through the hallways, Flats at Sawyer has a somewhat small hotel feel in a good sense. There are only 5 floors and not many residences on each floor. The hallways are lighted, but I wish it was just a little brighter. That’s me being picky.

Going to the apartment from the hallway, you will see a “soft loft” style apartment. The apartment has hardwood floors in the living and dining area, with carpet in the bedrooms. The kitchen appliances were newer and attractive and I could instantly visualize small little parties waiting to happen! I liked the slightly funky lights over the kitchen area too.

I also liked the general brightness of the apartment. The living room had LARGE windows, which added much light and warmth. I also liked how clean the apartment felt. I think the open spaces in this apartment would make for easy to work with areas for furniture.

The closets were large walk in style and I would see no problem with having many clothes there. The bathrooms were also beautiful, with granite countertops.

I work hard at noticing strengths AND weaknesses as part of what we do at Uptown101! But, I didn’t see very many flaws in this apartment, however. This one is charming without being overpowering, like the entire residence is.

However, there were a few shortcomings of note:

  • Standard shower – it is a garden tub style, but not the “walk in” style that some prefer
  • Washer/dryer is not included for one bedrooms – In the 2 bedroom, the washer/dryer IS included, but on many of the one bedroom units, it is not included
  • Patio/Balcony not standard – The patio is not a standard option. But, there are a few corner units that have amazing wrap around balconies.



Although it is not a major weakness, I would have to say that I wish the amenities of the Flats at Sawyer apartments were more bold or larger. I think I am a bit spoiled, but I like to say it like I see it! Let me tell you what I mean.

First, I will focus on the strengths of the Flats at Sawyer amenities. It does have these basics well covered.

Hallways Secure – All apartments open to secured, air conditioned hallways. This makes for a more secure residence. It also keeps your utility bills lower because when you open the doors, you don’t lose heat or coolness.

Parking Garage is included – A private parking garage is included.

Now, let’s focus on areas that I wish were stronger:

Gym – The gym is small (not tiny). It is good for a basic workout on the treadmill, but nothing more. The equipment is in decent shape. But, beyond a few token dumbbells, there is little else. Not a lot of room for anything else either.

Pool – For how small the building is, the pool is actually a decent size. But there were so few seats outside. I counted 10 in total. I am guessing this may not get a lot of activity.

What about Fido? – Although Flats at Sawyer Avenue does allow pets (gladly), it will be more difficult here to take care of your dog. There is no interior dog park or run. There also isn’t an area for your dogs to walk or run nearby without walking about 5 minutes to Cole Park. I would think that this would be a better place for small pets only.

No other amenity features – There aren’t any of the “fluff” features here whatsoever. No movie rental or ATM machines. No nothing else.


Flats at Sawyer apartments is a place for people that want a quieter lifestyle but still want to be able to quickly walk to the more active parts of the West Village Dallas. It is an attractive residence that offers good social opportunities to get to know neighbors in Uptown Dallas. For amenities, you might consider joining a local gym, because the amenities here are lighter than desired.

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