Thirty 377 Apartments

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Thirty 377 Apartments in Uptown Dallas – REVIEW

NOTE: For more in depth information and a multi-category RATING, along with multiple photo galleries of this apartment, please see our more in depth REVIEW.


Thirty 377 apartments in Uptown Dallas is a more traditional style of apartment building (vs a high rise or midrise). It is on a large amount of land, and contains many buildings that are nicely spread out.  It has a very green and well-manicured front main entrance, complete with an electronic controlled gate and a guard house (not currently manned).

The location is a very good one for Uptown Dallas.  It is on Blackburn Avenue, which is the main street to enter the West Village Dallas shopping center.  The West Village Dallas is very busy, but the Thirty 377 apartments is actually set back a block, and much quieter.   Residents can also see Turtle Creek a block away, along with the Katy Trail.

This is a very GREEN area as well.  The entrance has a huge space for trees and grass and shrubs. Once you drive past the gate, there are also many trees on both sides of the driveway through the complex.  There are also a lot of trees throughout the complex, between each building, along with garden style areas.

The feel of this area is very laid back. There is not any new construction close by…this is a more mature block.  And, there are no retail restaurants directly facing or connecting to Thirty 377 apartments.

Getting to Work: The location is also a good one for getting to work. This is mainly because it is set back away from the much busier McKinney Avenue.  For those who want to need to travel frequently to the airport or to North Dallas/West Plano, you can take a super quick jump on Blackburn and get to Cedar Springs, then Oak Lawn…or take Lemmon Avenue.  And, if you work in downtown Dallas, just take Cedar Springs to get to Pearl.    This is unlike other parts of Uptown Dallas where you have to deal with some morning rushes on McKinney Avenue.

Access to the 4 Key Features of Uptown Dallas in relation to the Thirty 377:  The MUST HAVE of Uptown Dallas is walking convenience. Translate: Being with 7 minutes walking to the key features of Uptown Dallas is how you can measure how good the location is within Uptown Dallas.  How do the Thirty 377 apartments do?

  • Uptown Trolley – Being close to the Trolley is important, because it gets you access to the OTHER 3 Key Features of Uptown Dallas. The Thirty 377 apartments are very quick walking distance…about 5 minutes max.  You can catch the trolley near Blackburn and Cole.
  • Katy Trail –The Katy Trail is directly connected to Thirty 377 apartments.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – The “super cluster” section of night clubs along McKinney Avenue/Boll is a starting point for the night life of Uptown.  The Thirty 377 apartments are NOT within quick walking distance. Better to take a trolley or a quick drive.
  • West Village Dallas – in walking distance.  The West Village Dallas is on the same street as the Thirty 377 apartments.  Walk down Blackburn and arrive in 5 minutes by walking.


Thirty 377 Apartments

Thirty 377 Apartments

Thirty 377 Apartments

Thirty 377 Apartments


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