Mondrian Cityplace

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Mondrian Cityplace Apartments in Uptown Dallas – Photo Gallery

Hello and welcome to Uptown Dallas! Take a look at some of our gallery photos of the Mondrian Cityplace Apartments in Uptown Dallas. A quick summary and some exclusive photos are below. To see DETAILED REVIEWS and more EXCLUSIVE Photos, please click here:   Mondrian Cityplace Apartments


The Mondrian Cityplace location is unique…and very nice!  The first thing I love about this location is an obvious one…it’s right across the street from the West Village shopping center. With all of the restaurants and shops here, this makes life fun and sooo convenient, maybe addictingly so.   (Read our blog to see more about the West Village shopping center.)  Picture built in entertainment for your friends or inlaws when they come in…no car needed. Super sweet!

Another great location perk that is less noticeable are the neighborhood feel shops and services on the first floor all around the large Mondrian Cityplace grounds.  There are attractive brick and cement sidewalks leading to attractive local shops for Chinese food, Italian, yogurt, and even things like drive through dry cleaners and yoga services. These really contribute a lot to the neighborhood feel.

And, the recently constructed CityPlace West Dart station is also almost directly across the street from the Mondrian Cityplace.  What this does is give you the ability to use the DART Rail, which can take you quickly and directly into Downtown Dallas or alternately can take you north.   It also gives you quick access to the Uptown Dallas Trolley, which gives you FREE access to the main parts of Uptown Dallas.  The Uptown Dallas Trolley is open on the weekend nights until typically 12, making it very attractive to use instead of a taxi, at least for early activities.


Mondrian Cityplace Apartments

Mondrian Cityplace Apartments

Mondrian Cityplace Apartments

Mondrian Cityplace Apartments


Mondrian Cityplace Apartments

Mondrian Cityplace Apartments


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