Lennox at West Village Apartments – Review


If you want to be “in the thick of it” in terms of Uptown Dallas, it would be hard to be in a better location than the Lennox at West Village apartments. The apartment building location is literally directly above, and is a direct part of the very busy West Village shopping center in Uptown Dallas…and it is absolutely the most frequented part of Uptown Dallas. There is no part of this set of apartment buildings that does not give you immediate access outside your door to this very popular area.

A portion of the Lennox at West Village faces the busy Cole avenue (which is parallel to McKinney Avenue), while the other 3 sides are literally over the West Village or the garage of the West Village. Once again, if you want to have the “living over shops in a lively neighborhood” experience, you will have it here.

The Lennox at West Village apartments was built in 1999 and was a part of the original West Village location when it was first built, also in 1999. So, the Lennox building has a bit of charming character (ok, for Uptown Dallas, 1999 is old since the Uptown Dallas area basically started in the late 1990s!). It has a stucco surface in many parts, giving it a California type of feel.

Being close WALKING distance is a huge key of enjoying Uptown Dallas. For being walking distance to key features of Uptown Dallas, the Lennox at West Village apartments offers a very strong case. Here is a quick run-down of how long it takes to WALK to these features:

  • Uptown Trolley – The Uptown trolley (the FREE trolley) goes right outside the main entrance of the Lennox on Cole Avenue.
  • Katy Trail – This location is about 4 minutes walking distance to the West Village entrance on Blackburn.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – There are a good amount of clubs inside and in walking distance to the West Village. But, for visiting some of the “mid McKinney” clubs that are more south on McKinney Avenue, it is better to drive. They really are not in walking distance. However, you could catch the free trolley to take you right to them.
  • West Village – This location is right at the West Village, as mentioned.

For groceries, you can take a walk down McKinney Avenue to Minyard’s. You can also take Blackburn down past 75 to get to the Kroger Signature store, which is loaded with yummy organic (local grown) produce and quick takeout meals. Or catch the Trolley to get to Whole Foods on McKinney…yummy!


The building is a 4 story mid-rise that has the West Village Dallas lifestyle literally all around it. That includes many terrific restaurants, shops and night clubs. The West Village also has plenty of eating choices! (One of my favorites is the directly connected Village Burger. Some of the best burgers you might ever sample, and make sure to get the light and yummy sweet potato fries there!)

What many people also like about the West Village Dallas is that there are so many outdoor spots to enjoy the great weather (most of the time!) and to PEOPLE WATCH. For best people watching, go to the south end of the West Village and grab a seat at the Mi Cocina or Taco Diner. Also, a great spot for relaxing and still getting people watching is the directly connected Starbucks. It has a huge amount of outdoor space. It is also the 2nd largest Starbucks in all of Dallas!

The West Village is the single most popular spot in Uptown Dallas. There is a constant flow of people. That includes residents of Uptown Dallas, and tourists. Translation? You will have plenty of opportunities to meet people by being in this location, almost by default!

The Lennox at West Village also backs that up with providing monthly socials for residents. They typically will go outside to one of the nearby bars or restaurants to do the social. And, even better, they invite residents from all three of their nearby properties (3636 McKinney and West Village Uptown).

If you like to be around people a LOT, you will most likely enjoy this location.



The Lennox at West Village apartments are controlled access, meaning you have to have a key fob to enter or exit the grounds. The complex consists of several parts, each facing a different section of the West Village (with one section facing Cole Avenue).

There is a very large variety of apartments at the Lennox at West Village apartments, to their credit. They have tiny studio style apartments to even three bedroom apartments. They also have some rather huge lofts too.

There are also a large variety of “finish outs” available in the Lennox at West Village apartments. Some of the floor plans have very basic carpet and white appliances, while some of the floor plans have the more modern granite and hardwoods style flooring. Usually the older style floor plans has a lower price, FYI. Also, I’ve seen in the summer some crazy low prices pop up here in comparison to the rest of Uptown Dallas apartments that spike high in the summer.

The apartments tend to be bigger, and are a good value for the money. They have plenty of open space to put those larger couches and queen or king beds. Closet space is adequate as well.

Apartment location is VERY IMPORTANT in the Lennox at West Village apartments, unlike other Uptown Dallas Apartments. This is because the location can be quieter at night (Facing Cole Avenue for example) or busy at night (over one of the night clubs). You need to make SURE to inquire which location you have and that it matches your style. Translate: If you want a quieter apartment here…say so.

As, always, I do like to point out how an apartment could be better, to help you know the true picture. No property is perfect, and the Lennox at West Village apartments isn’t either. Here is what I mean:

  • Open Hallways – Although the hallways are secured, they open up to the general air once you are inside. For summers, that can get a little sweaty getting to your door.
  • Washer/dryers not included – Most of the apartments here do not include a washer/dryer, with the exception of a few 2 bedrooms.
  • Patio/Balcony not standard – Most of the floor plans do not contain a balcony.
  • Interior units view – some of the interior units, especially the ones facing the pool, have a view of the West Village parking garage. This isn’t a bad view, but just not as attractive.



The amenities at the Lennox at West Village? Overall, they are good, not perfect.

Let’s look at the strengths of the Lennox at West Village apartments’ amenities:

Hallways Secure – All apartments open to secured hallways.

Parking Garage is included – A private parking garage spot is included. That includes all residents that are on the lease, even if you have just one bedroom and 2 residents. Nice!

Guest Parking is free – despite being at the West Village, where parking space for guests is limited, the Lennox opens the 4th floor of the garage just for private FREE guest parking.

Yay for Fido! – There is an interior pet park for your dog, with plenty of green space and doggie refuse bags. Kudos to the Lennox!


Now, let’s look at the weaknesses of the Lennox at West Village apartments:

Small Gym – The gym is small, too small. There are only a few token pieces of equipment and nothing for weight lifting other than a rack of dumbbells.

Small Pool – The pool has a nice feel, but is a little small for how large this building is. It also makes me a little uncomfortable that it faces part of the parking garage.

No laundry facility – Most of the apartments do not include washer/dryers, but offer connections. Still, the Lennox at West Village apartments should offer a laundry room of some type as a courtesy.

Next to retail Garage – The Lennox is next to the West Village retail garage.  Some of the apartments directly back up to that very busy garage.  This might get noisey at times!



The Lennox at West Village apartments is a good fit for people that want to be around a LOT of activity and people, directly integrated with the very popular West Village shopping center. The residence offers a wide range of floor plans and is an excellent value typically. It can be lacking on some of the better amenities in Uptown Dallas. The apartment activities, along with the natural location, will give ample opportunities for meeting people in Uptown Dallas.


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