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Portrait Of University Students Outdoors On Campus

Portrait Of University Students Outdoors On Campus

Hello! Moving to DALLAS or Uptown Dallas soon (within the next 12 months)? You can make your move INCREDIBLY easy and save 10-20 HOURS of time by signing up now for our Daily Uptown Dallas Apartments Alerts service with our sister website Homebase Services. You will also get a better rent deal. And, just as important, you will have a hassle-free apartment shopping experience! And, our service is 100% free to you! Interested? Read on! (Note: Pricing/Availability subject to change at any time).

The Traditional Apartment Shopping Experience

Most people find out about the amazing life here in Uptown Dallas, and then decide they definitely want to live here. Their next step is to do Google searches and select maybe 5 to 10 or more apartments to start checking out in the area. Unfortunately, this is where it can turn into a very stressful, hassling experience.

  • First, you must go research apartments to figure out the best fit.
  • Second, you have to talk to leasing agents about what is AVAILABLE. But, unfortunately, that may be a big waste of time because it doesn’t matter how much you like a place…if something is not AVAILABLE for your move in date, then it really doesn’t matter!
  • Third, to get Availability information, you must call the leasing agent(s), email them, etc…resulting in sometimes hundreds of calls, emails, etc. And, with no promise of keeping your info private, or not selling your info to third parties.
  • Fourth, it’s easy to get stressed and wait, because you also need to KEEP CHECKING apartment websites for availability. With all of the other things in your life, you’ve got better things to do!
  • Fifth, those that get alerted earliest can take advantage of the best specials and availability. Keeping up with the leasing agent is the best way to get the best deals. But, do you really want to email the leasing agent each day?

All these factors create a HASSLE. They are not easy. And, the “mechanics” of looking takes up 10-20 hours of time on average. Don’t you have better things to do with 10-20 hours, and having the resulting stress? Well, there’s a better way!

This guy is STRESSED because of 100s of emails, calls etc. He should use our Uptown Dallas Apartment Alerts and be able to REST EASY!

This guy is STRESSED because of 100s of emails, calls etc he is getting from his Dallas Apartment Search. But, if he used Uptown Dallas Apartment Daily Alerts, he would REST EASY!

Uptown Dallas Apartments ALERTS Make Your Shopping EASY, HASSLE-FREE and SAFE!

Try our much easier way…here’s how it works! Simply sign up for our  Apartments Alerts from Homebase Services Here. Include your move-in date and budget and preferences for your new apartment. Then, RELAX! You start receiving our alerts that will tell you when something is available that fits your needs. No hassles. No 100’s of emails from leasing agents. No phone calls. It’s that easy!

Here are a just a few of the benefits you get from our Daily Uptown Dallas Apartments Alerts:

  • You are HASSLE FREE because you don’t have to waste time responding to leasing calls, emails, etc. We do the hard work and get the info you need, so you can Relax!
  • You save MONEY on RENT because you get alerted of the best values for your move in date.
  • You REST EASY because you info is kept PRIVATE and not available to 10 or more companies. It can’t and won’t be sold to third parties.
  • You buy back TIME! Instead of using 10-20 hours just in calls and emails checking on availability, use your time to for more important things, like finishing up school, work, summer plans, etc.
  • Use our service WELL IN ADVANCE of your move to get your search DONE! You can reach out to us from 1 day to 12 months in advance of your targeted move in date. Like at Christmas vacation, or spring break for a summer move-in, etc.
West Village Dallas - This will be you soon, enjoying life here, hassle free!

West Village Dallas – This will be you soon, enjoying life here, hassle free!

How to Sign Up Today

You’re now about to experience something amazing…a hassle free shopping experience. No unwanted calls or emails. Only a smooth and easy search for Uptown Dallas Apartments!
Signing up for our daily Dallas apartment alerts is so easy. Simply fill out the form on the right side of this page. Once we have verified your information, we will begin sending you daily updates on available apartments in the Dallas area that you request.

Looking for specific amenities? Interested in a particular move-in date? Need to stay within a certain budget? Not a problem! Once you fill out the form, we will ONLY send available apartments that fit your specific requirements. Nothing else!

You can reach out anytime to us on CHAT, email or calls to get advice and recommendations, at no charge. All we ask is that you make sure to mention Uptown101 as your referral source when you apply. That’s it…it’s all 100% free to you!

Sign up today using the form on the right and discover how apartment shopping can be easy and hassle-free. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

PRIVACY note: We value your trust and will NEVER sell your personal information to third parties. You might notice the McAfee privacy certification on our site. We have the tightest privacy policy in Uptown Dallas. Only with us is your private info truly safe! And, we do t his because we hate getting spam emails too! Please read more about how we carefully guard your information here: Privacy Policy


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