Uptown Dallas Roommate Match – Free Service – Cut Costs and Double the Fun

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Uptown Dallas Roommate Match – Free Service – Cut Costs and Double the Fun

Hello and welcome to Uptown101!  Uptown 101 is proud to provide a smooth relocation to professionals starting their career in Dallas each year!

We have many requests from professionals for help with a Roommate Match.  These come from new college hires and interns that are most interested in living in Uptown Dallas.

Housing is typically much more than dorm living, especially for Uptown Dallas. Uptown Dallas professionals typically earn a great living that is more than enough to pay for housing while they are interning. However, many Uptown Dallas professionals want to save money for paying off school or other priorities.

Uptown Dallas professionals at firms in the Dallas area can save money by having a roommate during their time in Uptown Dallas. Having an Uptown Dallas Roommate will cut your costs in half or more, and will give you someone to enjoy your Dallas Intern experience with.

Our free roommate match is available for Uptown Dallas professionals.  The roommate service is  discrete and provides information to match to other select Uptown Dallas professionals.  This will allow you to enjoy Uptown or the areas closeby, but on a budget.  And, our free roommate match will put interns in touch only with other interns.

If you are a Dallas bound professional, and want to find out more about our free Uptown Dallas Roommate matching service, use our Find a Roommate link on our menu and submit your information.  We will get back to you quickly with information to help.

Note: Please view our terms and conditions at the bottom of this website related to roommate matching.

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