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Welcome to Uptown Dallas! The Uptown area is specifically built and designed to make it easy to connect with other residents. From the McKinney Avenue Dallas night life… it’s just so fun and easy to unwind here after a hard day’s work! And, best of all, the free Uptown Dallas Trolley connects all of these together (free taxi!).

I’m going to talk about some of the best apartment pools in Uptown Dallas. I’m also going to mention some of the best pools that are NOT in apartments but still in Uptown  Dallas. And, if you live here, take part in our VOTE for BEST POOL survey. Now, let’s go!

Uptown Dallas Apartments – The Best Pools!

For some people that are moving here, when they are searching for Uptown Dallas Apartments, the first and most important thing in their search is a FANTASTIC pool!  What makes a good pool?

  • Big is always good, but there are some more mid size ones that are pretty amazing too.
  • Well maintained
  • Plenty of Grills
  • Lots of chairs and tables
  • Pool parties are set up by the apartment staff

Now, to give you some starting Here are some of my Candidates for Uptown Dallas apartments Best POOLS!  And, if you have different ideas, let me know!

Pool 1: L2 Uptown Apartments

This is an extremely large pool with lots of “fancy” all around. Love the round chairs and tables, and of course the fountains. There is a pool side to swim. And, then on the other side, there is a “lounge” side with simple water to occupy your eyes.  Great spots for chatting.

L2 apartments uptown dallas pool

L2 apartments uptown dallas pool


Pool 2Gables Uptown Trail

Gables really “gets it” on pools. They understand that Uptown Dallas residents like a great pool because a well designed pool means more social opportunities.   The Gables Uptown Trail location in itself is great, because of the 1 minute walk to the Katy Trail and the Katy Trail Ice House and Company Cafe. Then, throw in this pool (only about 2 years old) and you have a winner here. It’s not really a swim pool, more of a lounging pool.  But, plenty of seats and just a great design. Go run on the Trail, and then jump in the pool here!

Gables Uptown Trail Pool

Gables Uptown Trail Pool


Pool 3: Monaco on the Trail 

This is the smallest of any of the pools in our post.  But, it’s just so perfect in its design.  And, the view is just amazing of the Katy Trail.  Get out in this pool and you really feel de-stressed and relaxed with a perfect view.

Monaco on the Trail Apartments Pool in Uptown Dallas

Monaco on the Trail Apartments Pool in Uptown Dallas


Pool 4Monterey by Windsor

Monterey by Windsor is located in the West Village Dallas area. This is a little bigger pool than the Monaco, but still not huge.  But, this pool gets a lot of activity always. The main building of the Monterey is designed around the pool, so everyone passes by it all the time and it draws a great social scene.

Monterey by Windsor Pool in Uptown Dallas

Monterey by Windsor Pool in Uptown Dallas


Pool 5: Gables Villa Rosa

This pool is always in discussions about best pools in Uptown Dallas. It’s easy to see why. Each building is designed specifically around the pool. And, it’s just plain big! Large amount of chairs, tables and pits.  The pool buzz is definitely here at the Villa Rosa.

Gables Villa Rosa Apartments Pool

Gables Villa Rosa Apartments Pool


Pool 6: Post Heights

The Post Heights pool is MASSIVE! It’s not as enclosed as most of the other pools. Instead, it has plenty of open space outside the pool, including greenery and scenery. They also use it well…Post features a huge pool party each summer. And that’s what you are seeing below!

Post Heights Uptown Dallas Pool

Post Heights Uptown Dallas Pool


What’s Your Take? 

Ok, you’ve seen the candidates for Uptown Dallas apartments Top Pools! Do you agree? Who would you vote for?  CAST YOUR VOTE for BEST POOL HERE: POLL



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