Apartments Not Really in Uptown Dallas? YOUR LOSS!

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West Village Dallas

Welcome to Uptown Dallas!
As you are considering where you want to be living, I thought it would be a good idea to map out carefully the areas of town that are truly in Uptown Dallas. It’s important, because you really can’t have the benefits of living in Uptown Dallas Apartments if they are NOT in Uptown Dallas!

What are the Benefits?
– Walk to Everything, Car Optional
– Social Scene where you can meet other young professionals
– SAFETY – areas that are truly Uptown Dallas are safer!

The map below shows the areas that are considered Uptown. Note the areas called:
West Village
– McKinney Avenue
State Thomas
THESE are official UPTOWN Dallas areas.

Areas of Uptown Dallas

Areas of Uptown Dallas

The area called Victory Park is a great area, but it is NOT Uptown. Oak Lawn is NOT Uptown. Anything west of the Dallas North Tollway is not Uptown either. Mentioning this because if you are going to get the walkability and social benefits of Uptown Dallas then you need to be in these areas!

It can be tempting to maybe “LIVE RIGHT BY” Uptown to pay a little less. But, do you really get a bargain that way?
– The walkability isn’t there in other areas.
– The people living with you aren’t the professionals living in Uptown
– The convenient features like the Katy Trail, West Village, etc all need to be DRIVEN to. Takes away the fun!

Additionally, some apartments in the area play off of the Uptown Dallas Apartments label and will advertise that they are in Uptown Dallas. But, if they don’t fall in the areas below, they are not truly in Uptown Dallas!

When you are thinking about Uptown Dallas Apartments, make SURE they are in Uptown Dallas! – The easiest way to shop for ‪Uptown Dallas Apartments‬

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