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Moda - Uptown Dallas Apartments

Hi, welcome to Uptown!

One of my favorite choices lately  for a summer move in? Consider the MODA .   Moda is an UNDERVALUED, great choice in Uptown Dallas for so many reasons.  Let me give just a few!


– LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION:  The more I think about it, the more I love the brilliant location of the Moda.  It is in the south part of Uptown.  It is right off the tollway extension, which means a lightning jet quick access in and out to EITHER airport…perfect for road warriors!  It also lets you avoid the congestion present in some of the interior parts of uptown. And, if you do business in downtown Dallas, it’s also super quick to access downtown.

I also love how you can walk in like THREE minutes to the Katy Trail Dallas.  Being close to that Katy Trail is a big big deal. It’s exercise, stress relief and a FRIEND FACTORY. No joke, meet plenty of people there!   And, I love how you can see what is going on at the American Airlines Center, but not be right by it, avoiding the noise.

I also love how it is within walking distance to the new Whole Foods in Uptown off McKinney.  And, of course, also close to the free Uptown Dallas Trolley!


Wow, this is a beautiful property! I love the stylish gym. I love the patios. I also love the beautiful residences with hardwoods inside.  And, they throw in some wonderful extras, like washer/dryer included, parking included. It is just gorgeous here!


If you want to get more info about this amazing Uptown Dallas apartments choice, please reach out to me at I will tell you more of my insider thoughts on this terrific property, where your amazing Uptown Dallas life can begin!

This view is amazing at Moda in Uptown Dallas

This view is amazing at Moda in Uptown Dallas


Get Fit - Release Stress - Moda Dallas

Get Fit – Release Stress – Moda Dallas

Love Patio Living! - Moda Dallas

Love Patio Living! – Moda Dallas

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