Organic Food in Uptown Dallas

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Organic Food in Uptown Dallas

So, there is a lot going on Uptown Dallas. The arts, the nightlife, the views… What about every day amenities, like grocery stores and daily dining? Living Uptown Dallas, you will find that there exists just about everything you need to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle, including the top grocery chain-stores, health food stores, farmers’ markets as well as health and environmentally-conscious restaurants.

Grocery Store Chains

Albertson’s on McKinney is in the heart of Uptown Dallas, between McKinney and Lemmon Avenues. This Albertson’s serves the West Village, Mckinney Avenue Dallas and State Thomas areas primarily, and is known for its convenient location and late-night hours. It has also earned a reputation for its own in-store sushi station. customer reviews rate this grocery store a 3.6 out of 5 stars, noting that the customer service is exemplary.

Kroger on Cedar Springs Road is another large chain grocery store that also has an in-store pharmacy. Located in the Oak Lawn area, the store’s services also include a deli, bakery and full-service floral departments as well as a CoinStar and an ATM. The supermarket is known for being one of the better Kroger stores in the DFW area, rated by customers as “clean, helpful staff, plentiful parking and excellent customer service.”

The Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market is located near the intersection of Hall St. and North Central Expressway in the State Thomas area. Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market is a department store/grocery market hybrid where you can buy everything from batteries to bagels or food for your Beagles. The chain is known for its discount prices and convenient locations, but if customer-oriented service is important to you, you might want to try another option. It may be in Uptown Dallas, but it is still a Wal-Mart.

The newest addition (and is quickly becoming my favorite!) is the Kroger Signature store on the East side of 75 and Blackburn. (And, no need to worry, it is easily walkable from the West Village in about 5 minutes.) What a fantastic store this is…it just LOOKS clean and yummy and makes you want to dive in and spend! Walking into the main entrance I was immediately delighted with the super large produce section that contains primarily locally/state grown produce, including a large organic section. I loved how they actually put the pictures of each produce grower on large posters…brilliant! They also have plenty of easy “take it to go” items, including healthy and tempting fresh tortillas made daily.


Healthier Options

For a break from the traditional grocery stores, there is Trader Joe’s on Greenville Avenue just east of the North Central Expressway, outside of the West Village area of Uptown Dallas. Trader Joe’s is known for its wide selection of organic product lines as well as beer and wine for “the Culinarily Curious.” The selections at Trader Joe’s include lines for gluten-free, vegan products, vegetarian foods and kosher products. There are also Quick Meal options at every store as well as many low sodium and fat-free foods that contain less than 140mg of sodium and .5 grams of fat per serving. The staff is always friendly and able to help with food and wine pairing, food preparation suggestions and other customer-oriented services.

There is a Whole Foods’ location on Lemmon Avenue in Oak Lawn that is within minutes of Uptown Dallas. They also sell lines of certified organic, low sodium, low fat food products and have full service meat and bakery departments.

There is also a Whole Foods location being built right on Mckinney Avenue Dallas, almost in the middle of Uptown Dallas. The location could not be better. When this opens, it may take quite a bit of business from other Uptown Dallas grocery venues.


Farmers’ Markets

For those of us who believe in buying locally-grown foods, produce and products, there are two Farmers’ Markets located in the Uptown Dallas area. The first is Four Seasons Market, located at the corner of Mckinney Avenue Dallas and Lemmon Avenue. It is open from 10 am until 2 pm and carries fresh, locally grown, organic produce, artisanal breads and wine, as well as soaps and local honey, grass fed beef and fresh pastas.

The second is the Oak Lawn Farmers’ Market, located at the Oak Lawn United Methodist Church on the corner of Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn Avenue. It is a rain-or-shine market and is open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays behind the church. The products here are made and grown by local, family run farms such as Baugh Farms of Canton, a third-generation farm with deep roots in the Dallas area community. Their heirloom tomatoes are said to be the area’s best.


Restaurants & Eateries

As far as green eating is concerned, the concept is a very familiar part of the Uptown Dallas lifestyle. Young, health-conscious residents look for restaurants and eating establishments that support this lifestyle, and Uptown Dallas has delivered. For example, there is the Company Café, right next door to the Katy Trail Ice House on Routh Street, in the Mckinney Avenue Dallas district of Uptown Dallas. The Company Café serves an all local, organic menu that includes cage-free eggs, venison sausage, and grass-fed Wagyu beef along with all locally grown produce and honey. The Café is very highly rated among Uptown Dallas residents. Patrons often dine at the Café and walk over to the Ice House for drinks afterward.

Another great place to eat green in Uptown Dallas is Southpaw’s Organic Grill which is located on Mckinney Avenue Dallas and Hall Street where the Mckinney Avenue Dallas and State Thomas districts meet. They offer a generous selection of salads, smoothies, sandwiches and supplements that do not contain any added sugar, syrup, nitrates or preservatives. Everything on the menu at Southpaw’s Organic Grill is 100% clean, natural and sustainably raised food. Their meat choices are all cage-free, free-range and sustainably raised without any chemicals or pesticides.

When it comes to environmentally and health-conscious eating, Uptown Dallas is a community that supports it with its variety of grocery stores, farmers’ markets and eating establishments. Eating green is about obtaining our foods from sustainable sources while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. It is about putting only the best ingredients into our food and thus, into ourselves, by eating with our conscience intact. Buying locally not only supports our local economy, it reduces the amount of time our food spends traveling which means less fuel, less emissions, less packaging and makes fewer chemicals like pesticides necessary. Eating conscientiously is better for our bodies, minds and environment, and the Uptown Dallas community is proud to take part in supporting these efforts in tandem with Uptown Dallas business owners. Living in Uptown Dallas is more than mere convenience; it is a unique community that supports a number of lifestyle choices.


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