Gables Park 17 Apartments – GALLERY

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Gables Park 17 Apartments in Uptown Dallas – GALLERY

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Gables Park 17 is surrounded by other office buildings primarily, with the familiar feel more like Downtown.  There is a much lighter amount of walking traffic nearby than downtown, as well.  To sum it up: It honestly feels more Downtown Dallas, but with the advantage of being quick to get out of and less busy.

By the way, being in this area…I feel safe. Generally, downtown Dallas is safer than most downtowns.  But, this area feels much safer and has less activity.  Not only is the Gables Park 17 building very nice looking, but so are most of the surrounding buildings.  It is a clean area to be in as well.

Access to the 4 Key Features of Uptown: There are 4 Key Features of Uptown that get you access to a better social life and fun.  For Uptown, a huge key is being in QUICK walking access to these features.  We think quick access means to be in 7 minutes walking or under.  Here is how the Gables Park 17 does in terms of being able to walk to the 4 Key Features of Uptown?

  • Uptown TrolleyGables Park 17 is definitely walking distance to the FREE Uptown Trolley. That trolley will take you to all 4 key features, along McKinney Avenue.  The Gables Park 17 is within about 7 minutes walking distance to the pickup spot at ALLEN and MCKINNEY AVENUE.
  • Night Life in Mid-Section – There is a “super cluster” section of night clubs along McKinney Avenue around Boll Street.  The Gables Park 17 is NOT within quick walking distance. I would take the trolley or take a quick ride (just a few minutes) on McKinney Avenue.
  • West Village – The Park 17 is on the border of Uptown Dallas, at the most south point of Uptown.  In the NORTH of Uptown, there is the WEST VILLAGE, with so many shops and restaurants, all in a few blocks. The West Village is NOT in walking distance. Need to drive to get there, probably will take 7 or 8 minutes.
  • Katy Trail –The Katy Trail (the wonderful semi private running trail that goes through Uptown) is accessible via the VICTORY OVERLOOK entrance. This is walkable in under 7 minutes. Nice!

Walk to Groceries?   No. The best bets for getting groceries will be:

  • Albertsons’ on McKinney Avenue (8 minutes’ drive)
  • Whole Foods on Lemmon (take the Tollway north to Lemmon, 8 minutes max)

Overall Location: The location is quieter and very clean. It has very quick access to downtown, and has walking access to 2 of the 4 key Uptown features.  It has some limitations for weekend and daytime enjoyment in walking distance (West Village, Night life, etc.), but a quick drive can take care of that.

Gables Park 17 Apartments

Gables Park 17 Apartments

Gables Park 17 Apartments

Gables Park 17 Apartments

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