Taylor Uptown

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Taylor Uptown Apartments in Uptown Dallas – Photo Gallery

Hello and welcome to Uptown Dallas! Take a look at some of our gallery photos of the Taylor Uptown Apartments in Uptown Dallas.

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The area around the Taylor Uptown apartments definitely has more of a neighborhood feel than the higher energy McKinney Avenue.  That doesn’t mean it is slow by any stretch in this area.  But, it just feels a bit more relaxed.  However, as mentioned above, there are quite a bit of activities in very quick walking distance to the Taylor Uptown apartments.    So, this forms one of the best locations in Uptown Dallas for being able to walk to much of what Uptown Dallas has to offer, but also to have more quiet at night.

Another enticing benefit of this location: There is a very quick route OUT of Uptown Dallas to avoid the snags that come from being located along McKinney Avenue.  Getting out in the mornings if you are located on McKinney Avenue adds 10 or 15 minutes to your commute time.  However, with the location of the Taylor Uptown apartments being right by Lemmon Avenue, you can make a much quicker exit and avoid the snags.  This means quicker access to the airport, North Dallas or West Plano.


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