McKinney Uptown

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McKinney Uptown Apartments in Uptown Dallas – Photo Gallery Hello and welcome to Uptown Dallas! Take a look at some of our gallery photos of the McKinney Uptown Apartments in Uptown Dallas.A quick summary and some exclusive photos are below. To see DETAILED REVIEWS and more EXCLUSIVE Photos, please click here:   McKinney Uptown Apartments


Walking directly around the McKinney Uptown:  There is nothing quiet or subtle about this area.  The location has a high level of activity and people all around.  You can tell right when you walk out the door… Look outside the leasing office/main lobby, and you see some of the most popular restaurants and night spots of Uptown Dallas.  Start with Breadwinner’s, which has perhaps the best brunch and lunch in Uptown.  Right next to it is Quarter Bar, with its rooftop bar.  And, right next to that, is Primo’s, with its Tex Mex cuisine and always active patio.  And next to that…well, you get the picture! If you look directly connected on the NORTH side, you are right next to the only pharmacy in Uptown, Walgreens. And, even better, right next to that, is the Albertson’s grocery store.  One UNUSUAL advantage of living in the McKinney Uptown that is not found ANYWHERE else:  You can actually take your shopping cart back from Albertsons’, unload your groceries, and then leave your cart at the bottom of the stairs. Albertsons will come and pick up your cart for you. Nice!

McKinney Uptown Apartments

McKinney Uptown Apartments


McKinney Uptown Apartments

McKinney Uptown Apartments

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