Marquis at Turtle Creek

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Marquis at Turtle Creek Apartments in Uptown Dallas – Photo Gallery

Hello and welcome to Uptown Dallas! Take a look at some of our gallery photos of the Marquis Turtle Creek Apartments in Uptown Dallas. A quick summary and some exclusive photos are below. To see DETAILED REVIEWS and more EXCLUSIVE Photos, please click here: Marquis at Turtle Creek Apartments


The Marquis Turtle Creek sits just about a block away from the border of Uptown’s Katy Trail.  It is technically not in Uptown Dallas, but right on the border of Uptown, in the Turtle Creek area (a higher end, quiet area).  The Marquis Turtle Creek is only a block or so away (and in walking distance) from the Katy Trail border of Uptown Dallas. Because of the great vibe that is similar to Uptown Dallas, many residents think that they are in Uptown…it’s really hard to tell you aren’t in Uptown!

(For tv buffs, a building that is walking distance from this residence was the exterior set used in the 1980s tv show “Dallas” for JR’s office.)

The area has many beautiful trees and wonderful park and creek areas.  Besides the greenery and great land features close by, the Marquis itself has a beautiful almost “bed and breakfast” or small hotel feel.  It’s covered with ivy and even with the great location near Uptown it has an almost secluded look.

The Marquis Turtle Creek is almost right across the street from its sister property, the Marquis Cedar Springs.  The leasing office of the Marquis Turtle Creek handles tours and inquiries for both properties.

This location is NOT in quick walking distance of several of the key features of Uptown, such as the West Village, McKinney Avenue night clubs, the Trolley, etc.  But, the Dart bus that goes right by the residence will quickly connect you to Uptown, and it’s a very short car drive as well.   The Katy Trail is in within walking distance and can be seen from the right of the residence.

Marquis at Turtle Creek Apartments

Marquis at Turtle Creek Apartments


Marquis at Turtle Creek Apartments

Marquis Turtle Creek Apartments



Marquis at Turtle Creek Apartments

Marquis Turtle Creek Apartments


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