Short Term Pricing for Unfurnished Dallas Apartments

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    For short term (3 to 6 month) housing, we monitor pricing and availability for apartments that will work with 3 month leases. Most places won’t work with short term leases, (only about 10% of places in all of the area will even offer short term housing). Sometimes if they are too full they will take away the 3 month terms…it’s always their prerogative to change due to the large demand for apartments.

    Here are some other thoughts that can help you get what better short term housing:

    • It tends to be EASIER to APPLY for 3 month housing in the OFF SUMMER months. That’s because more is available to choose from!
    • It tends to be CHEAPER to APPLY for 3 month housing in the OFF SUMMER months. Therefore, it’s better to apply for an apartment not in the summer. Because places are on 60 day notices, you can apply in March let’s say for a May start date!   Whatever the day you want your lease to start, subtract about 75 days (usually) from that date and then this date is the best day for you to apply for your apartment. This will give you the most availability and thus also lower priced options that have not been snapped up yet!
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