Is there Public Transportation in Dallas?

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    YES. Dallas is still not quite as advanced as other cities in terms of having public transportation widely serve all parts of the suburbs, etc. But, it has made significant changes recently. It is definitely an option to NOT have to have a car, if you want to save money and gas, depending on where you work.
    The DART system in Dallas will provide transportation to many areas via BUS lines and RAIL lines. The RAIL lines are much preferred by professionals due to speed and convenience.
    The DART RAIL lines tend to run alongside 75/Central, the major north south freeway in Dallas. There are many apartment choices that are near RAIL stops along 75/Central. This would allow you to not even have to use your car to get to work if you primarily work at ATT-HQ. You can find out more information here
    There is also the wonderful UPTOWN TROLLEY available for you. This is a FREE system that runs throughout Uptown and empties into the north part of Downtown. Thus, you would have free transportation from Uptown to Downtown. This trolley is extremely convenient not only for work, but even if you want to visit night spots in Uptown and feel uncomfortable driving afterward. You could live anywhere in Uptown and simply use a combination of the Trolley to get to Downtown Dallas or any entertainment in Uptown. Very convenient! The M line on the trolley is how you would connect to Uptown.

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