How Often Do Rent Prices CHANGE?

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    Great Question! I’m breaking the answer into 3 parts.
    PART 1: Higher Prices in the Summer – Apartments COST MORE in the SUMMER months! You will typically pay 10-20% more for rent…just because it’s summer! But, if you use our system, you can get ALERTED of availability months in advance, and then save that money and get a lower rent price! That’s why we designed it…to help you get alerted in advance and reserve to save time and often money too. Use the alert system to reserve in advance!
    PART 2: DAILY PRICE CHANGES – IMPORTANT! – If you are coming from either campus housing, or off-campus housing, you might be in a town where the rent is very predictable and doesn’t change often. Example: pricing might change once a semester, or once a year. But, in DALLAS, this isn’t the case! It’s like trying to herd cats to keep up with price changes in Dallas! 
    Pricing can literally change not just each day, but even several times in the same day for an available apartment! So, if you see an apartment that meets your needs and move in date, you might want to go ahead and reserve it to get the same price that you saw that day (and remember sometimes even several times a day the price might change up or down). The point: Pricing can go UP or DOWN each day on the same apartment. So, if you don’t take advantage of the price you saw that day, it can mean your apartment is $20 higher or $10 lower (but typically it goes higher as we approach the summer months).
    PART 3: Move-In Dates affect the Price – Our system attempts to capture the optimal (lowest) price of each available apartment that meets your needs. But, the difference between your optimal move in date and the date that the apartment first becomes available will mean your rent will often be a little higher.
    Let’s use an example to show how this works. Let’s say your perfect move-in date is 5/15 (new position starting on 6/1) and your budget range is $1,000 – $1200. If you see an apartment that shows up in your availability daily alerts with a 5/2 move in date

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